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Recurring Lover Dream

by Rose

I keep having these recurring dreams and after having so many it dawned on me that maybe its trying to tell me something.

My dreams are all different in a way but has the same concept. It starts with this man I love, he calls me and tells me to meet him somewhere and I agree for some reason. I always run late and obstacles start to form and I never get to my destination and I just see him waiting and waiting.

I always wake up feeling sad and wishing that I could've just made it.

If it helps to interpret, this dream person in real life used to be my best friend. We ended up getting intimate and it got very complicated. Then he got another girl pregnant by accident and we decided to take some time apart.

I am pretty sure this dream might be some sort of my subconscious but can't figure out what it is telling me.

Please help, thanks - Rose.

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Oct 15, 2012
Waiting Lover
by: Rubyslens

It appears likely this dream series is trying to get you to take the first step and see if he wants to talk to you.

Waking up feeling sad that you ran out of time means you need to take action before you run out of time.

Sometimes when you wait for things to make sense to your conscious mind things reveal themselves as "too late."

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