Recurring Miscarriage Dream

by Raj

It started off being in a car; my boyfriend was waiting for me outside. I came out and I told him I was pregnant but the child was not his, someone else. And he said ''I'm not finished with you yet'' in a sad way. I dunno what he meant by that. Then suddenly I have a miscarriage whilst in the car and he's driving to pick his dad up somewhere and I have tell him to take me to the hospital an he's rushing there but I don't think we make it there in time as I had to wake up for school, so I'm not sure what happened.

It's my fourth dream of having a miscarriage I'm only a teenager and I've never made any sexual contact or had a boyfriend before. Also I've never seen the guy that was supposed to be my boyfriend either.

It could be a random dream but it's my fourth time having a miscarriage dream, the previous dreams I’m helpless no one's helping me and now someone is but still my unborn child doesn't survive. It’s been on my mind for a while now. :S

Does it mean anything or is it just something I should forget about it? Thank you if anyone help's me to answer this! x

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Sep 01, 2012
Recurring Miscarriage Dream
by: RubysLens

Never ignore a recurring dream. When a dream keeps prodding at you then it really needs you to understand something. The miscarriage is most likely a missed opportunity or unrealized dream, I feel in this case. The pregnancy was desirable in this case since you tried to save it and failed so it is something that is very important to you.

You don't say a lot about yourself but I think this is something that you may not be aware of yet or it could be just an idea in your mind having to do with your future. Maybe it is the family or relationship that you desire. It could be a personal dream of your young adult life. Whatever the baby is, you need to watch out for any relationship that may sabotage that. I don't feel there is enough information for me to make a sure call on who would stop you but it seems it could be a boyfriend since you've never had one yet. Sometimes relationships are hard to get out of and that is why he says "I'm not finished with you yet." If you are not strong willed and sure of yourself it would not be hard for a boyfriend to control you, which may be why he is driving and doing what he wants. Symbolic dreams often deal with characters or situations which we are somewhat familiar with. If it is all new to you then it seems more prophetic.

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