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Running From Apocalypse

by Kristina (Kay)
(Lowa (Move a lot!))

I start out in a normal life with a handful of close friends. It then progresses to an.. illness? maybe? Where people go crazy, they start killing each other, and I take my friends to run.

I always start running to Flagstaff Arizona for some reason. Always specifically that. We have to pick up lots of supplies along the way, and we usually end up having to run FROM someone or FIGHT with someone to get them, and we end up in an RV.

We keep trying to stay safe, but we have to keep moving or we won't be able to. I keep wishing someone could protect me, but usually I end up having to protect everyone.

All I know is that we have to keep running.. It usually seems very VERY vivid, and I can always feel my heart pounding, and my senses are highly sensitive the entire time.

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