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Searching for a Soulmate

by Antoinette Torrez
(Klamath, Ca)

Dreamin'... I'm female I have the head of a human and the body of an eagle... It is a beautiful bright sky.. no Cloud's... No blue sky's more of what it looks like just before sunset...

I'm flying high above what appears to be nothing below.... Then suddenly without warning 5 redwoods shoot straight up from under ... It had startled me so I kinda started to fly backwards.. if you can picture a scared Eagle...

Then 3 boulder like rock's sprang straight up.... One of these boulders I can see lots of grey smoke growing from it.. so I start to swoop down to investigate.... to my surprise I see a old native American Indian Chief with full head dress with his face painted thick black paint straight across his closed eyes with thin red paint under the black and 2, then 3, then 2 white dots down both side's of his cheeks with his legs crossed in front of the fire singing or praying.... Shaking a rattle in left hand and peace pipe in the right hand...

Suddenly he stops everything and he's silent.... Then his Right hand shoots straight forward pointing and his eyes are now wide open.... quiet for a brief second... Then continues to shake the rattle and continues to sing.... still looking and pointing same direction... As if he's saying GO NOW!!!.. so I go towards the direction he's indicating.... looking back only to see him slowly disappear...

It seems as though I have been flying for some time trying to search for what the old man wants me to find..... Then suddenly 3 redwoods Spring up .... Then 2 boulder like rock's spring up.... I see something on one of the boulders... I swoop down to get a closer look... There is definitely something... It's just Like me... Human head and eagle body... I know exactly Who it is...

It is my significant other I notice he is pale like no life in him... dead... I pick him up with my wings as I cry asking god why? Give him another Chance please?.. my tear slowly ran down my cheek... As it begins to drop from my face it just glistens like a diamond.... Then lands just below his right eye... Just as it was sparkling like a diamond when it came in contact with him he lit up... he began to glow as he took a deep breath....

I remember waking up to me sitting all the way up and taking a deep breath.... after I seen him come back to life in my dream..

I had the feeling like everything is going to be alright we are going to be GOOD..

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Mar 05, 2017
Hope you've found what you are looking for!
by: Chook

Hi there! I see that you posted your dream awhile ago so I'm just doing a quick analysis. If you want to ask more questions, you will find me here :

Any dreams of the sky are to do with spiritual matters. The eagle high in the sky has a higher perspective on things and is searching for prey. So in your life, you might be trying to take a step back and look at things with a broader perspective and searching for something a bit more in life. The clear sky is also saying you are seeing things clearly. The sunset is suggesting that something is coming to a close in your life.

The redwoods are going to be about a huge amount of growth - possibly spiritual growth that has suddenly happened in your life. Something happened without warning after you were searching and searching and found nothing. This growth has been so overwhelming, mesmerising and at times frightening, that you have had to take a few backwards steps along your life journey. This has been unexpected for you because you are normally a very strong and fearless person.

The next part of the dream when you see the chief - he is really your very wise dream guide. He is pointing you in the direction of your significant other who is lying on a rock, just like the spirit guide! Which I think is nice. But when you see him he is dead. This is saying that you've probably been having some major relationship issues and maybe you've been apart for awhile or you are thinking about whether to part ways or not. It seems, though, you really want to give the relationship another go because he woke up when your tear touched his face.

You had this feeling like things were going to be ok when you woke up so I think this is a really good sign. It really looks as if you are both very alike and well matched. Yes, maybe a soulmate?? He did appear to you in the same way as your spirit guide did in the dream so he could be. I think the dream is actually a good sign! Hang in there. I am very happy to answer more questions if needed!!

Feb 23, 2017
This is what i see
by: Kat McCann

Looks like their will be obstacles in your path to finding love, you have a hunger for love in your life. Their will be some heartache in finding the right one. 5 in the dream signifies the male sexuality, he is attracted to many things but seldom will be held by any. A 5 in numerology is an individual who hates to be tied down,love change, traveling, adventure and anything new. A 3 can be superficial, gossipy, vain. 2's are good natured, cooperative, understanding, sympathetic.they pay attention to detail, prefer a structured routine. Eagles signify rebirth or renewal is about to happen. Tap into your inner strength & fortitude, stay true to yourself. Eagles are movers and shakers who stretch your limits to new heights when we face challenges, Eagles show up. Determination,laser sharp focus, to get through problems. Keep your eyes and ears open.

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