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Shadow People and Angels

by EL-100

Can you interpret this dream?

Can you interpret this dream?

This dream happened three times to me. Everything's lifelike to me.

First Dream: I was following a shadow man through this maze that had a painted sky on the ceiling, painted trees and bushes on the walls, and grass on the ground. I was feeling wind when I followed him. He lead me to this circle platform, we stood on it and it took us to the beginning of the maze but this time it had the platform there. I kept following him through the maze a few times. We finally got to this darker part of the maze; the sky was gray, trees looked black, the grass was darker, and the wind stopped. The man stood with his back to me. I was feeling confused and scared; I was getting the feeling that I needed to run away from the shadow man, but I couldn't move. The shadow man finally turned to me. I saw this light sick grayish white to his face, and very very light white around his eyes and mouth; everything else was pitch black. He started chasing me; I ran fast away from him. I ran through the maze until I was also at the start of the maze. Near the start of the maze the shadow man wasn't chasing me at all, then I realized I ran into another man. The other man made me get this feeling of warmness and made me feel safe. The another man look exactly like Gerard Way from the "Revenge era." So he says "I'll take care of him." to me after I ran into him. He just walked towards the area where I came running from. I continued to run to the end of the maze; I just wanted away from there. After I left the maze, the area was completely white. I was feeling safe and warm in the white area. There I saw four men there, and they were cleansing me with sage. The man that looks like Gerard Way came by and he told me why he looks like Gerard Way, he said "I took this form because you're not scared of him and you're use to him. Also I didn't want to scare you. It's fine with me if you call me by his name."

Second Dream: I was having a normal dream then part of my dream had this hole appeared and everything around it looks like it was it was turning black and dead. Then the shadow man came out of the hole and was coming towards me. I saw the man that looks like Gerard Way chased the shadow man way. I was brought to the white area again. I was being cleaned with sage again. After that my normal dream continued.

Third Dream: I was in this darkened room sitting on a bed while Gerard (The angel, I started calling him my angel) was in the bathroom (it was connected to the bedroom) and he was looking in the mirror. While I was sitting on the bed I saw blood running down the walls. I was calling for my angel to come into the room I was in. He came into the room and he told me "The walls are dripping in blood everywhere." He notices me pointing at the wall. He looks and he saw that pentagrams were forming on the walls and floors. I saw him grab a Bible and started reading from it out loud. Everything started shaking then turned white. I was in the arms of my angel. I didn't know that it wasn't him until his face melted off, it did that a few time before my angel found me. Half the white was pure black and the shadow man was in the black half of the area. My angel was holding on to me while he saying prayers. The whole area was still shaking. While the area was shaking, I realized that my real body wasn't breathing at all.The shaking stopping when I yelling for it to go away. I woke up coughing and catching my breath before falling back to sleep. I was in the white area, it was back to being pure white. Then my angel showed up. He give me some kind of blessing.
After that these dreams didn't show up.

I don't know what it means. I tried asking a friend, he said "It's slightly common but the not breathing during it might be less uncommon. I can tell how it affects you that you were crying, shaking, and I can see terror in your eyes when you told me this." Every time I talk about this I start crying and shaking. The dreams started after I was hearing a growling noise and high pitch little laugh in my ear at night when nobody and no animal is around, and I kept hearing this tapping on my loft bed.

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