SIDS Premonition

by Alyssa
(Vancouver, WA, USA)

One night about a month ago I had this dream. In the dream I was walking through the halls of a hospital, until I reached this door. When I got opened the door I walked into the room and saw a group of doctors standing around a patient in a bed. When I finally walked up to the bed I saw that it was a baby laying there, I didn’t know the baby’s name, but it was someone important to me and I knew it was a boy. The main doctor looked at me and said "I'm sorry there is nothing we can do" I was horror struck and kept saying "NO! NO! There has to be something". It was then that I started doing CPR on the baby and all the while I kept thinking that he was so small and that I would break him. The dream ended when I revived him.

After I woke up I couldn’t remember anything. It was 5am and all I knew was that something was tugging at me and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I was still awake when I heard my mom’s phone ring. At first I thought her alarm was going off on her phone because I forgot to turn it off when I had used it the night before, but then I realized that it was too early for the alarm to be going off. Instantly I knew something was wrong. Then I heard my mom get up out of bed, and I knew without a doubt that something was really wrong, because my mom would never get out of bed this early without a damn good reason. When she came into my room she told me that my Aunt Michelle's baby might be dead. I made phone calls while my mom got ready to go, but somehow I knew that he was dead.

Later we found out that Michelle had woken up during the night and found Armani with no pulse and blood coming out of his nose. She called 911 and ended up doing CPR on him. When the ambulance got there they had a pulse but lost him on the way to the hospital. It ended up being SIDS.

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