Seeing The Silva Psychic Development Method For The First Time

Before the Silva psychic method was fully formed, I had an intense disagreement with my father - José Silva. It all started back in the 1980's after he had developed certain alpha level techniques and teachings, found only in our seminars, that led to incredible breakthroughs in psychic development. What I’m talking about here are feats some may find hard to believe - miraculous healings, unexplainable trances that exposed past lives, remote viewing, and psychic reading abilities that bend the rules of reality as we know it.

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Seeing all this for the first time, I couldn’t contain myself and I told my dad I just want to find a way get this information out to the world and prove what we can really do. He forbid me to do anything of the sort. I couldn’t understand why my father, the man who brought modern meditation to the West, would hold back content so powerful from a world he had once pledged to help.

How the Silva psychic development method unfolded.

I would learn his real reason for keeping this incredibly powerful material from the world was simply that he was sure the world wasn’t ready for his Silva psychic development methods. I didn’t understand him back then, but it’s crystal clear now.

My father had a keen understanding of human consciousness and the technology available during that time. He knew that existing technology and the level of consciousness in general society wasn’t developed to the point where most people could accept learning the deepest, most advanced facets of Silva’s breakthroughs all those years ago.

History Of José Silva’s Alpha Level Training

When my father began teaching, what has been called, Silva Mind Control Method in the 60’s, he disguised it as a bio-feedback course! These popular courses were all the rage back in the 60’s. They took attendees through a form of alternative medicine, where their bodily functions like blood pressure and muscle tension were measured and conveyed to them in real-time. This feedback was used to raise the participant’s awareness and mental control of his or her unconscious physiological activities.

BUT, while my father did this, he also taught his attendees case-working! Imagine that! People were going for what they thought were alpha level bio-feedback courses, but walking away with full-fledged psychic powers, capable of healing, remote viewing, true psychic ability - and much more.

After my father passed away in 1999, I remained cautious about releasing this material outside of my regular Silva Mind Power seminars.

Not long after I made up my mind that the world was ready for the full extent of my father’s teachings. So, I extracted the most advanced sections from our Silva seminars and created the course that broke the boundaries father had imposed to reveal the Silva Ultramind Psychic Development course we can all now use.

Guest post by Laura Silva-Quesada

Guest post by Laura Silva-Quesada

Laura Silva Quesada, daughter of José Silva – founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method.

Born during the pinnacle of José Silva’s research on alpha level mind development, Laura was one of the primary research subjects, which gave her extensive personal experience, insight and access into the development and use of intuitive techniques. Bringing together some of the most experienced experts in the mind development field Laura continues the research that unites the best and most useful concepts behind the original Silva Method school programs with the latest findings on the brain, mind, intuition, alternative health care, human potential, and spirituality.

Under her determined leadership, Silva’s business organization continues to integrate the latest mind/body research, making certain that the Silva Method remains on the cutting edge in the evolution of human potential.

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