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Sisters Foreboding Dream

by Debbie
(San Antonio)

I had a dream I was at a party or some sort of gathering. I can see people talking and laughing. There is a lot of noise around me. I am going to the bathroom. I don't quite make it. I am feeling ill, really ill. I stop and hold my stomach, something is not right. I place my hand between my legs and I feel blood. I feel faint. Someone help me I cry. I fall to the ground. I come to in a daze, I see people gathered all around me looking down at me. I suddenly wake up in a doctor’s office where there are many people gathered around me and one angry man yelling at me. I place my hand on his face and he quiets down.

I feel empty! My heart, my body, I feel empty!

I speak to my sister about my dream on Friday I tell her that I feel as if someone is going to lose a baby.

She doesn't say anything.

The next Friday she calls me and states, you are right!

I excitedly say, “Are you pregnant?”

She replied, “no - I lost a baby a week after I spoke with you, I didn't want anyone to know. I wanted it to be a surprise so when you saw me as I would have had a belly.”

She stated she was at a bar with her friends because they always bring someone to be designated driver and since she was pregnant and could not drink, so she went along as the driver. She began bleeding at the club where she passed out. She recalls waking up on a stretcher with her friends around her and her husband yelling at her as if she had done something wrong. I hate this foreboding dream!

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