Soul Blueprint Psychic Readings Shine The Akashic Light On Your Path

To understand how soul blueprint psychic readings are different it is important to understand what the blueprint is and how knowing about it can help you.

First I think it is important to think of your self not as a human with a soul but as a soul having a human experience. I first heard this quote long after I began doing soul blueprint psychic readings many years ago. It rang very true to me as I had felt that way ever since I could remember.

It was only during a mediumship sitting long ago, that I was first shown a life map or blueprint if you will, of the client sitting in front of me. My ever loyal spirit guides told me during this occasion that I would be using this new “skill” to give deeper insight to clients about their life purpose, as well as connect with them at a soul level rather than just the day to day personality and it’s wants and desires that came with being in human form. 

This experience of seeing a “life map” and being aware of past, present and potential future time lines intrigued me and led me to explore the Akashic Records and what I was seeing with my clients. Soon I found that my belief in reincarnation opened up even more information about people who sat with me. There were times where the most recent past life was shown on a soul blueprint so I could gain greater understanding in to the patterns and feelings a person came into their present life with. 

Akashic Blueprint Of The Soul

The soul blueprint was explained to me by spirit in this way;

“Imagine if you will, you and your soul group (these are other souls that you will interact with in your lifetimes) and spirit guides sitting down together and making “soul contracts” to be together, or agreeing to experience similar events together. It is in this planning stage that we choose our parents, siblings and partners and friends. From there, we determine some aspects of the life we will take on, where we will live or grow up are part of this. The soul blueprint encapsulates what your soul wants to take on, learn, heal, experience, etc to grow or evolve to a new level."

I was also told that we incarnate again and again with our soul family or soul group because we form a bond and connection over lifetimes. We grow together as a group as well as individually. Of course we are always meeting new souls as well and these sorts of “free will events” are also allowed for on our blueprint. 

Now you may ask, “If our life is planned out, then what about free will?” 

Well actually the basic foundation of each life is pre-planned but not the entire life in full and all of its experiences. We all have free will to choose in any situation…to a certain degree. Whilst we are continually choosing throughout our life cycle and faced with decision making, it is when faced with these choices that we decide to act or re-act. At times we will make choices from our emotional intuitive self and other times we will choose based on human mental logic. When we make choices that are in line with our soul blueprint things seem to “work out” easier and feel more natural. When we slip off path or off track and things feel or become insurmountable, that is when spirit will intervene by bringing in a soul family member in the form of a friend, stranger or mentor to help, if we let them. Most people are not aware of soul contracts or a higher purpose for being here. They don’t operate their life as Spirits having a human experience. They operate the other way around. 

Soul Blueprint Psychic Readings Focus On Your Life Path

Here is where soul blueprint psychic readings can be helpful. A typical session may go like this;

Using the Akashic records I see the person’s entry in to this life and how they felt upon arriving. I share experiences from their childhood that were on their "meant to happen" or "necessary" list. These are indicated by flags or energy as I look at the blueprint. Sometimes an age range is also indicated so I can give more specific info to the client. The main life lessons, learning and gifts brought in are generally covered in a first time soul blueprint reading. It is also during a preliminary session that I may be shown how many pregnancies, or love relationships a person may have among other important things. These typically apply to the past as the future is constantly shifting and changing based on our actions, thoughts and deeds. We have the opportunity with the blueprint information to minimize or maximize our necessary learning experiences. It is only when we see the patterns and habits we may be exhibiting that we can initiate change. Many of my clients find soul blueprint readings life changing and helpful in planning and preparing for the future.

One of my clients revealed this to me nearly a year after one of her readings;

“First, you said that career opportunities were coming in a few months and they did, in 6 months from the first reading. Then you said that my "3rd love contract" was coming in and that it was not my current boyfriend. Three months later we broke up. And then you said that I would meet my next soul mate in a month that started with the letter A, either April or August, at a workshop, and lo and behold, I meet him at the end of April at a workshop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Many people return bi-annually or annually to get updates on their soul blueprint psychic readings. Since I don’t recall what is said in a reading after it is done, I find I can continue to help my clients time and again to find insight and clarity in the day to day life that often leaves us wondering, “what is the meaning of all this?”

Soul Blueprint Psychic Readings by Tori Rayne

Tori Rayne is a Psychic Medium who developed her Akashic Record soul blueprint psychic readings to focus on your soul contracts, destinies, and life path predictions.

Tori is no longer available for readings, but continues to write on Magic, Fantasy, Metaphysics and the Paranormal.

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