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Spirit Guides And Angel Guardians: Meet Yours In This Meditation

Spirit guides and angel guardians are non-physical entities that assist and guide us through life.

Spirit guides can be ancestors, spiritual beings, or higher aspects of your own consciousness, offering guidance, support, and insight to help navigate life's challenges and spiritual path. They will influence and assist you through subtle signs, intuitive nudges, dreams, and synchronicities, encouraging personal growth and spiritual development.

Angel guardians, often referred to as guardian angels, are seen as celestial beings assigned to protect and guide us, acting as messengers from the divine. They provide you with protection, comfort, and guidance, communicating through signs like repeated numbers, feathers, or specific symbols, and often provide a sense of comfort or divine intervention during difficult times.

To connect and work with with your spirit guides and angel guardians you can use the guided meditation technique I've included below . Setting intentions, creating a sacred space, and developing a habit of reciting a daily affirmation asking for guidance and support are also beneficial practices. Other spiritual practices include journaling to record signs and messages, spending time in nature to open up to spiritual insights, and expressing gratitude to strengthen the connection with your guides and guardians.

Understanding Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians

Validating your experiences involves trusting your own feelings and reflections, as well as consulting with psychic advisors or mediums for additional insights and joining spiritual groups or online communities to share and learn from others with similar experiences. By practicing meditation, engaging in rituals, using affirmations, and remaining open to the signs around you, you can deepen your spiritual connection and find the comfort and direction you seek. Trusting your intuition and honoring meaningful experiences are essential parts of your spiritual journey, providing the guidance and support when needed.

A Meditation To Connect with Your Spirit Guides And Angel Guardians

Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit or lie down without any interruptions. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, inhaling peace and exhaling any tension or worries.

Relaxation And Grounding

Breathing: Begin by focusing on your breath. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a moment, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this process a few times, allowing your body to relax with each exhale.

Body Scan: Bring your awareness to the top of your head and slowly scan down your body. Relax each part as you go, releasing any tension you might be holding. Start with your scalp, moving to your forehead, eyes, jaw, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, back, abdomen, hips, legs, and feet. Feel the relaxation flowing through you.

Grounding: Visualize roots extending from the soles of your feet deep into the Earth. Imagine these roots anchoring you, providing stability and a sense of being grounded. Feel the Earth's energy rising through the roots, filling your body with a warm, nurturing energy.

Visualize A Journey To The Sacred Garden

Setting the Scene: Imagine yourself standing at the entrance of a beautiful garden. This is a sacred, peaceful place where you will meet your spirit guides and angel guardians. Notice the vibrant colors of the flowers, the gentle rustling of the leaves, and the sweet fragrance in the air. This is a safe and welcoming place.

Entering the Garden: As you step into the garden, feel the soft grass beneath your feet. Hear the soothing sounds of birds singing and a nearby stream flowing. Walk slowly along a path that leads you deeper into this sanctuary. With each step, you feel more relaxed and more open to the energies around you.

Meeting Your Spirit Guides And Angel Guardians

The Clearing: As you walk, you come to a clearing with a comfortable seat made of soft moss or a beautiful bench. Sit down and take a moment to soak in the peaceful surroundings. Feel the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze on your skin.

Inviting Your Guides: In your mind, silently or out loud, invite your spirit guides and angel guardians to join you. Say something like, "I invite my spirit guides and angel guardians to be with me now. Please come forward and connect with me."

Visualization: As you sit quietly now, notice a soft light approaching. This light grows brighter and more distinct, revealing the forms of your spirit guides and angel guardians. They may appear as beings of light, as humans, animals, or in any form that feels right to you. Trust your intuition and let the vision unfold naturally.

Communication and Connection

Greeting: As your guides and guardians come closer, feel their loving and protective presence. Greet them warmly, knowing that they are here to support and guide you.

Receiving Messages: Take a moment to ask them any questions you might have or seek guidance on any aspect of your life. Be open to receiving their messages. These messages might come as words, images, feelings, or simply a deep sense of knowing. Trust what you receive.

Sharing: If you wish, you can also share your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude with your guides. This is a time for open and heartfelt communication.

Returning To The Present

Gratitude: Thank your spirit guides and angel guardians for their presence, guidance, and love. Know that you can return to this sacred garden and connect with them whenever you wish.

Farewell: Watch as the light around your guides gently fades, knowing that they are always with you, even if you cannot see them. Feel their love surrounding you.

Journey Back: Slowly stand up and begin to walk back along the path you came. Feel the ground beneath your feet and the peace within you. As you reach the entrance of the garden, take a moment to look back and remember the beauty and serenity of this place.

Awakening: Gradually bring your awareness back to the present moment. Feel the surface you are sitting or lying on. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Take a deep breath and, when you are ready, gently open your eyes.

Take a few moments to sit quietly and reflect on your experience. You may want to write down any messages or insights you received. Remember that your spirit guides and angel guardians are always with you, offering their support and guidance. You can connect with them anytime you need.

Daily Affirmation To Enhance Connection And Communication With Your Spirit Guides And Angel Guardians

Repeat this affirmation each day, ideally in a quiet moment when you can focus on its meaning and let its energy resonate within you.

  • "I am open and receptive to the loving guidance and wisdom of my spirit guides and angel guardians. Each day, I strengthen my connection with them, trusting in their support and embracing the divine messages they share. I am always surrounded by their light and love, and I walk my path with confidence and clarity."

Comments About Angels And Spirit Guides

Ascended Masters, Angels And Spirit Guides

Ascended Masters, Angels And Spirit Guides - by Rachel Brooks - Brisbane Australia

Angels are beings of the highest vibrational realm they are protectors of the earth and work in unity to keep the cycle of the earth and other planetary systems in alignment. Angel are divine beings light filled and with a vision of love. They see you as the best version of you and will guide you to be the brightest light you can be to assist in the unity of all. They work with the nature of the vibration and in keeping this in alignment they work to keep the "peace". Angels are very tall, they are translucent and light-filled, describing them is like saying the Eiffel Tower is slightly slanted, there is no comparison to describing them from actually seeing them it is beyond words.

Ascended Masters are beings having lived many earth cycles to come to a high vibration of connectivity. Jesus is an ascended master. They are highly respected and have received reverence in their earth cycle for their duty of care and acquired knowledge. They are teachers and have left an imprint in the lives they lived as human entities. Ascended Masters are well known in historical transcripts and may be called upon for assistance. Beings of great knowledge they are a valuable source of connection to work with. You will find many of the ascended masters in historical texts and have been pictured for your viewing. Some you may have heard of Kuan Yin, Lao Tzu, Jesus.

Spirit guides are highly evolved souls having lived many earth cycles assigned to you before birth. They are sent to assist and guide you in completing the spiritual contract you entered into your current life with. Your Main Spirit Guide is with you from birth until death. Developing a relationship with this Guide improves the connection to universal guidance and insight. Your spirit guides help you honour the purpose that you set for yourself before you incarnated, gently guiding you with intuitive nudges to stay on track with your soul’s purpose. They are with you to assist in the path of your greatest good but will not compromise your free will/choice, they will only give the nudges to show you your options exist. Guidance from your Guides will always be uplifting, patient and loving. Your guides will never be angry or degrading. Each guide is unique in their appearance, and also how they wish to be projected. Spirit Guides, in my own experience have the ability to alter their projection and "age themselves" as they choose. This was evident in an artist drawing I had done myself. My Guide was showing himself as the young man he wished to be seen as rather than the old man he had become in his last earth cycle.

I am an accurate and evidential channelling medium who works with ascended masters, angels and spirit guides to deliver divine messages of healing, guidance and evidence of the eternal soul. Some call me Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Healer, Soul Reader, Teacher.. but I most prefer to be called Mum. I am a mother primarily and all I do with my gift comes from a place of love & nurturing. - Rachel Brooks

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