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Spiritual psychic readings are based upon a personal connection with the divine (that you can name as God, Allah, Great Spirit, Collective Consciousness, or whatever label you like). I see spiritual psychic readings come from a standpoint of the reader’s direct connection to the divine, be that named as God or simply the Collective Consciousness that connects us all at a metaphysical level.

Of course there will be some fortune tellers who are not really connected to anything other than a textbook, script, oracle book, or set of tarot explanations.

I’ve mentioned before there is a big difference between Tarot Reading and Psychic Tarot reading. And as I see it, religion is based upon someone else’s experience and is usually a regurgitation of old dogma at whatever cost. (That cost is often war).

So psychic readings from a religious standpoint may be framed by fear, dogma, or unconnected opinion.

Spiritual psychic readings are more empowering than simple fortune telling. Rather than picking up on possible future events, when the reader is working through a divine connection, there will be stronger elements of guidance. So you may receive more information about options YOU can take rather than just looking at what other people may be or may not be doing in connection to you. 

However, spiritual based psychic readings are not often accepted by the un-awakened souls. I remember back when I was working full time as a reader. Wonderful insights would start to flow but some clients simply wanted to know what the person of their affections was doing or thinking about them. In these cases, the insights of wonder are often passed on to the deaf ears, but if the client was paying for simple answers, those simple answers where always provided. Those simple, fortune telling, answers where sometimes not what the clients wanted to hear, but they would be adamant that that was what they wanted. These clients are only one step off of paying for entertainment. I had no interest in being an entertainer!

spiritual psychic readings

Clients seeking psychic readings of a spiritual nature, or Intuitive Counseling as I liked to call it, are always a delight to work with.Yes, future events can be pinpointed, but more than that can be brought forth. 

  • Insight that assists you create the future you wish for, 
  • resolve for the questions that may be causing you confusion, 
  • guidance that help you discover your own answers, 
  • true solutions for present and future challenges, 
  • direction for the most appropriate steps you can take at certain points, 
  • and insights about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your life. 

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