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Silver Willow provides these instruction for your tarot attunement, cleansing and charging. These instructions are for what you do when you receive a new deck of tarot cards are based on my Silver's experience of being a psychic tarot reader. 

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There are many ways in which a reader becomes attuned to the deck or decks she/he is using and each is as unique as the readers themselves. I am going to provide the ways in which I prepare a new deck, cleanse my tarot, and how I continue to enhance the connection between myself and the cards I use. 

Tarot Attunement Instructions for Cleansing the Deck: I will begin with how to cleanse and consecrate a new deck. Naturally, I begin by opening the box and eagerly looking through each of the cards picking up on the vibrations and images that immediately jump out. Once that is done, on the night of the New Moon, I dedicate the deck to the Goddess Diana and ask that she bestow he blessings upon this tool so that I may help others. In my tarot attunement I will say words of power over the deck for a period of 3 days/nights and then I will wrap the deck in a black cloth. On the night of the Full moon, I unwrap the deck from its cloth and place them in a spot in which the light of the moon can fall upon the deck. For me, due to the fact that I celebrate during the nights of the Full Moon, I place the deck on my altar and again, ask the Goddess Diana to give blessings to the deck. I also ask my spirit guides to also bless the deck as well as to watch over me when I use the deck. Once I ask the Great Ones as well as my spirit brothers and sisters for their blessings, I then focus on charging the deck.

Tarot Attunement Instructions For Charging The Deck: I begin raising power by chanting over the deck then when I have raised all of the power I can, I place my hands on the tarot deck and channel all of that power directly into the deck. Upon conclusion of this tarot attunement I place the deck of cards in a bag that I have handmade.

Ongoing Tarot Attunements: In order to keep attuned with my Tarot Cards I will cleanse all of my decks three times a year, I begin the cleansing in the Waning phases of the moon asking the Goddess Diana to remove any negative vibrations that may have accumulated on the decks since my last cleansing. I will use words of power in order to rid the cards of any negative astral debris. I work on one deck a night until all of the Tarot Decks are cleansed. Upon the time of the New moon, I again ask the Great Ones to bless the deck(s); once again, I work with one deck per night until all have been blessed. On the night of the Full Moon, all of the decks are brought into my circle and placed upon the altar and I again, ask the Great Ones smile favorably upon the Tarot Cards. I raise power and channel the power into each of the Tarot Decks. Instead of just placing each deck in the handcrafted bag, I place the decks on a windowsill so that they may absorb the light and energy of the full moon. It is very important to note that the Cards must be picked up and returned to their bag prior to the rising of the sun.

It is important to note that there are no hard set rules for keeping your Tarot Cards attuned to your vibrations. If you ask 100 readers how they keep attuned to their decks, I would bet you would get a hundred different answers. The tarot instructions I am providing here are the most rewarding ways that I have found working with my Tarot Cards. The relationship built between the tools and the artist is one of great importance and should be tended to much the same way you would cultivate a garden.

I have also found it beneficial to spend some time meditating with the deck you choose to read prior to actually performing any readings. So do try to include some moments prior to your reading when following these tarot instructions. For instance, since I know in advance when I will be reading, I am able to set aside 15 minutes to sit quietly with the deck I will be using for that session.

I find a joy in being able to help people find a balance and harmony in their lives. Often times I will create individual Tarot Spreads that are more suited to a client’s individual needs and circumstance. I simply love what I do and it comes through in all of my readings. I offer over 15 years of experience coupled with a natural ability passed on through my mother and grandmother. Very simply put, I offer a safe haven free of judgment and harsh words; instead I offer guidance that is related to me through the Tarot Deck, Rune Stones and my Familiars. I treat each of my clients as a friend it is in this way that I am able to form a true connection with each of them. It is through this type of relationship with my clients that we are able to work together to help solve many of life’s perplexing problems.

Silver Willow Psychic

Silver Willow is a gifted third generation psychic, whose unique readings are filled with insight, warmth and compassion. She has provided readings for people from across the USA utilizing over 15 years of experience with Runes Stones and Tarot Cards. So many of her clients comment time and time again about the accuracy of her readings and her ability to truly connect with them and the situation they are facing during their readings. As if all this is not enough, Silver Willow is also adept in the art of Dream Interpretation and construction of personalized words of power to empower those who wish to truly change the quality of their lives. As many of her clients say, “A reading with Silver Willow is not only enlightening but also like visiting with an old friend.” 

This reader has ceased taking clients. If you know new details please leave comment below.

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