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The Sun Tarot Card Illuminates A Path Of Joy And Clarity For You

In a reading, the Sun Tarot card is generally considered one of the most positive cards you can receive. It indicates a time of clarity, growth, success, and joy. When reflecting on the Sun in one's own life, it's a reminder of the potential that exists within to shine brightly and illuminate the world around.

In a world of endless night and shade,
The Sun Tarot Card brings light unswayed.
It speaks of days both bright and clear,
Whispering hope into every ear.

Through trials and storms, it remains so stark,
A beacon, a guide, an eternal spark.
With every pull, it shines anew,
Telling tales of joys to ensue.

For in the dance of destiny's yarn,
The Sun Tarot Card is the morning's charm,
Promising laughter, love, and regard,
A radiant token, forever on guard.

My AI Version Of The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun tarot card, whether in Rider-Waite-Smith, Thoth, or Marseille, is like that old friend who never fails to lift your spirits. Through its rich tapestry of symbols and history, it teaches us that after the night, there's always a promise of a new day. And every time it graces your tarot spread, remember: It's a sign that you, too, have the power to radiate, shine, and bring warmth to your corner of the world.

Finding More Meaning In The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun tarot card holds the 19th position in the Major Arcana. Numerology fans might point out that 1 and 9 equate to a new beginning and the end of a cycle. It's like the universe's cheeky way of telling us that after every dusk, there's a dawn. In the tarot's narrative arc, this card signifies a time of enlightenment after a period of trials and tribulations.

In the Rider-Waite deck we have an innocent child on a white horse, radiant sunflowers, and a ginormous sun sending down rays of insight and clarity. This iconic imagery isn't just for show. The child symbolizes our inner spirit, free and unburdened.

The Thoth deck steers clear of the innocent child, instead giving us a sun filled with geometric patterns, emphasizing energy dynamics. On the other hand, the Tarot of Marseille keeps it old school with twin cherubs, reminding us of duality and unity.

When the Sun card is upright, life’s a beach! Success, positivity, clarity – it's like everything's coming up roses. But, flip it upside down, and the clouds might roll in. The reversed Sun tarot card hints at inner child issues, negativity, or simply feeling out of sync with the world. But remember, folks, even on cloudy days, the sun's still shining somewhere.

So, what happens when the Sun card pops up in your reading? If it's career-related, brace yourself for a pat on the back or a new opportunity shining on the horizon. Love and relationships? Someone's about to light up your world! As for personal development, it's like a wake-up call urging you to embrace your authentic self. The Sun tarot card is truly the tarot deck's Mr. Brightside, shedding light on various facets of our existence.

Key Aspects About The Sun Tarot Card


  • The Sun: Symbolizes clarity, positivity, and energy. It provides light and dispels darkness.
  • Naked Child: Represents innocence, joy, and freedom, indicating a return to a state of purity.
  • White Horse: Symbol of purity, nobility, and strength; moving forward without resistance.
  • Sunflowers: These are turned towards the Sun, representing our connection to the divine and nature, and also symbolizing life, fertility, and joy.
  • Walled Garden: A space of safety, protection, and peace.
  • Banner: Symbolizes victory, celebration, and public recognition.
  • Straight and Wavy Rays: Represent the balance of both conscious thought (straight) and the unconscious/subconscious (wavy).

Main Themes:

  • Enlightenment
  • Joy and positivity
  • Clarity and truth
  • Success and vitality
  • Celebration and abundance

Meaning in Readings:

  • Upright: Success, vitality, joy, clarity, optimism, confidence, personal achievement, and celebration.
  • Reversed: Temporary depression, lack of clarity, pessimism, feeling burnt out, and missed opportunities.


  • The Sun is the 19th card of the Major Arcana. The number 19 can be reduced to 10 (1+9) and further to 1 (1+0), a number representing beginnings, leadership, and potential. It's about the individual, asserting oneself, and standing out.


  • Associated with the Sun, obviously. In astrology, the Sun represents our core self, ego, identity, and overall life energy. It signifies one's vitality, essence, and the core of potential.


  • The Illuminated One or The Source of Life: This card embodies the archetype of open-hearted energy. It’s about clear vision, radiance, and the unfiltered life force that, when embraced, leads us to the best version of ourselves.
The Sun Tarot Card Meanings

FAQs About The Sun Card in Tarot

What does the Sun Card represent in a Tarot reading?

The Sun Card is one of the Major Arcana cards and generally signifies positivity, clarity, and success. It can indicate a time of joy, enlightenment, and celebration. When this card appears in a reading, it's a signal that things are likely to go well, and you're in a period of light after the darkness.

How does the Sun Card differ in its upright and reversed positions?

  • Upright: When the Sun Card appears upright, it denotes optimism, happiness, vitality, and confidence. It suggests you're in a period where you're feeling energetically charged, enlightened, and things are going in your favor.
  • Reversed: In its reversed position, the Sun Card can indicate that you might be experiencing some setbacks, delays, or feelings of doubt. It could suggest that you're not seeing the positive side of things or you might be feeling temporarily out of touch with your personal power.

What symbols are commonly associated with the Sun Card?

Typical depictions of the Sun Card feature a radiant sun, often with a human face. Beneath it, there might be children or a single child playing, which represents innocence and joy. There are often sunflowers, which symbolize life, fertility, and joy. The straight, even rays of the sun can symbolize spirit, while the wavy rays often represent the soul.

How does the Sun Card relate to other cards in the Major Arcana?

The Sun Card is the 19th card in the Major Arcana and follows The Moon, which is a card of illusion, intuition, and the unconscious. After the uncertainty and confusion of The Moon, The Sun comes as a welcome card of clarity, truth, and positivity. It precedes the Judgment card, which speaks to resurrection, reflection, and reckoning.

In what types of questions or situations might the Sun Card be especially significant?

The Sun Card is particularly poignant in readings related to personal growth, achievements, and positive outcomes. If you're inquiring about the success of a project, the outcome of an endeavor, or your personal well-being, the appearance of The Sun is a positive omen. It's also significant when you're coming out of a challenging period and are about to experience a time of joy and clarity.

Elemental Meanings Of The Rider-Waite Version Of The Sun Tarot Card

Here are the main elements of the Rider-Waite version of The Sun card and their meanings:

The Sun: The Sun itself, shining brightly at the top of the card, is the primary symbol. It has rays that alternate between straight and wavy, representing the balance of both logical thought and intuition. The Sun signifies clarity, truth, and enlightenment. Its bright light dispels the shadows and illuminates everything, bringing warmth, happiness, and positivity.

Wall: At the bottom of the card, there's a brick wall that represents boundaries, but these aren't necessarily negative. They can symbolize the limits we set for ourselves, which can provide protection or delineate one's personal space.

Banner: The child holds a large, wavy banner or flag. This is typically seen as a symbol of victory and achievement. It signifies success and public recognition.

Naked Child: The central figure on the card is a naked child, riding a horse. The child's nudity represents innocence, purity, and truth. There's no facade, no hiding, and no deceit—just the pure joy of being.

Horse: The white horse that the child rides stands for strength and purity of spirit. The fact that the child can ride the horse without any harness or saddle signifies control over one's raw instincts and drives. The horse moving forward represents progress and forward movement in life.

Sunflowers: Four sunflowers grow tall behind the wall, reaching towards the sun. Sunflowers typically represent life, fertility, and joy. They always turn their faces towards the sun, which can be seen as seeking out positivity and enlightenment. They also can symbolize our spiritual aspirations or our desire to seek the light/truth.

Feathers in Hair: The child has feathers in his hair, which can be seen as symbols of the mind's higher thoughts and spiritual aspirations. Feathers can also represent communication with higher powers or the divine.

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