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Through Her Eyes

by X Ray Vision

When this dream started I was seeing the back of a girl and then I realized that I was seeing through her eyes.

The girl goes into her house and tries to turn her power on but nothing happens so she calls her mum. Her mother then says that the power worked so the girl tried again. The girl then sees a shadow on the wall she got scared and it starts to torment her and then as she is about to leave she looks up and a demon is looking down and she just screams and screams! (Now keep in mind I’m seeing this through her eyes)

Then I wake up

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Nov 28, 2014
How To Read The Signs
by: Ian

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Sep 11, 2011
A cycle in need of breaking.
by: Anonymous

Hello. It is possible that this girl whose eyes you are seeing through is actually you in a past life. There is fear involved... Through our many lives, we tend to have cycles...this sounds like a cycle that your soul is wanting to break so that you can be free from the fear that plagues you.

Through the use of meditation and connecting to higher dimensions you can break free of this cycle of fear. It may be that it is something that you do not quite understand at this moment in time, but you will gain understanding as you learn to meditate and connect with the higher dimensions.

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