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Very Odd Wedding

by Katelyn Vaughn
(Bourbon, Mo USA)

I'm at my own wedding with my best friend at my childhood church. All of my friends are at the wedding but no family. My best friend and her little sister is there. Her sister has Cerebral Palsy and is one of my flower girls. I know I’m getting married to my ex but I don’t see him. Suddenly while I’m walking around, something just clicks and I realize I’m pregnant. I’m at the altar and we're having the ceremony but I still don’t see him. Like something/someone is between us. We're married now but I haven’t seen, talked, or even kissed him. I’m sitting at a table outside with my friend and I say to her, "You know, I’m not completely positive, but I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to have kissed my husband by now." She just smiles and replies with, "Well, where's he at?" I look confused and tell her I don’t know. I look past her and see my now-husband, Will walk past a doorway with his cousin, my best guy friend. Will looks at me and smiles and then I wake up.

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