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Water Dream

by RAM

I was in an ocean on a thin board by myself. There was at least two other people there on their own board nearby. I don't think I knew them. I feel I came off of a big ship which was not too far from me.

The water was calm. I remember being a little afraid of the water only because of sharks (like I am in real life). I saw a huge whale coming towards the board I was floating on and I was afraid. It passed by me and then somehow I saw it leap out of the water and back into the water. At that time someone said it took someone under.

I then remember being a little scared and then next thing I knew I was at the end of the ship sitting on a platform that was on top of the water with my deceased mom. All of a sudden my twin sister came floating face up from under the water with her eyes open. At that point I realize the whale took my twin sister and she was dead. My deceased mom said she will be ok... she is healing.

I remember waking up kind of scared from how my sister looked.

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