Zombies in Dreams

by Tom Häide
(Võru, Võrumaa, Estonia)

Well yeah the title says it all.

Part 1.
I just had this really scary dream. The dream begun in a big hospital. I was being chased by a bunch of zombies. I saw a real big crowd of them(zombies) and in that crowd I saw a Chinese man. Later on when I had lost the zombies off my back there was one zombie chasing me, it was a girl. I climbed a big stairway to the top of the building she followed me there, and I pushed her off the ledge of the building, she fell on to a ledge of some kind. After that she woke up and came after me again, this time I had nowhere to run she bit me and I turned in to a zombie as well. But I wasn't like all the other zombies, I still had my mind and i could tell it to run or spare a life. Just after I turned into a zombie a swat team walked in and told me to come with them and not to mess around or they will kill me. They took me down to a lobby of some kind that was surrounded by a fence and the entry was a metal detector gate. I got an injection of some kind and I turned back normal. About 2 minutes later I saw they were carrying out that Chinese man I saw before he was messed up: red eyes, body badly wounded, bloody mouth and they injected him and just left him there, when I suddenly rushed in and tried to tell them that he can't be turned back to normal. He was holding a technical device of some kind in his hands and it showed 2 letters F and V. They were constantly changing and they were written in red. I noticed my relative next to me (a girl) I said to her come on we got to get out of here that man is going to cause this mess again. So we ran away in to an elevator.

Part 2.
When we arrived in the elevator she began talking about something but I didn't listen to her at all she just kept talking and talking. The elevator didn't have doors, instead it just had a sheet of cloth with lilies on it and the elevator was broken. I began to look for an exit and I saw a panel on the ceiling of the elevator, I popped it open and I climbed on top of the elevator. It was tricky, because the opening in the ceiling was a bit too small. When I finally managed to climb it my relative was still talking and I told her to give me her hand I was going to pull her up. Just when I finished pulling her up a bunch of zombies ran in to the elevator and I popped the panel back. So we started climbing and suddenly we were in an air shaft. After that comes a blank spot. When the blank spot is over I'm suddenly in a cottage with a bunch of strangers(men)

Part 3.
So the picture was the same, we were all trying to find a hiding spot because the zombies were roaming around, and I had lost my relative, she just was gone (I think the relative thing is caused by my worry about my relative in real life, she is just 14 and is drinking and partying, I don't like that) and I looked for another air shaft to climb in to hide, I found one and climbed in. But because I had been to a hospital before I got many illnesses from there like hepatitis and some kind of itches. And I remember someone downstairs ask: ''Where is tom?'' and someone answered that he's in the air shaft, you can tell by the stain of piss on the ceiling. So I started to climb deeper in to the air shaft and as I climbed deeper the shaft got tighter and I almost got stuck, so I decided to climb back where I was. So when I was sitting back there I felt uncomfortable and thought that I want to see out side the air shaft entering so I had 2 choices, to stay in as I were or go outside turn around and climb back in. So I picked the 2nd one, but when I had climbed out, someone downstairs screamed ZOMBIES! So I tried to climb back in but the problem was, once again the air shaft was too tight so I was left out and a zombie bit me and I turned in to a super zombie of some kind, and I started chasing down the others in the cottage. I had a really long tongue, as if I was a toad and I began biting the others with that. And when I reached the last person we were suddenly in my school and I asked him any last words? He said something odd I can't remember. So as I was in my school I started chasing down all the people from my class and I killed them, but the odd thing is that none of my friends were in there and I remember a girl asking me Why Tom, Why?. Suddenly the swat team again walked in and gave me an injection and I didn't resist, I turned back to normal again.

Part 4.
So now I was in a dark corridor and I was walking and I saw another air shaft, as I climbed in, this time it was really hard because it was up high and when I managed to do that I was in another corridor. I went forward, the walls of the corridor were gray and I saw a little lamp in the end. I reached the end and I turned right and I was in a big well lighted room with some kind of speed course made out of bricks inside. When I entered I saw a bunch of strangers and they all tried to kill me but I kept dodging them. One of them was a giant Bear-like creature, and I tried to avoid him. As I started running he climbed down to get me, I climbed up and a guy caught me. I hit him he let me go and the other guys were cheering for me, I remember someone throwing a poison gas grenade at me. I took one from the ground and I tried to throw it back but I didn't know how they worked. So suddenly the chase ended and we got to be good friends with these guys. One of them tried to show me how that grenade works but I still couldn't understand. So I exited from the door I came in from and went back to the beginning of the air shaft and I had that grenade with me, I threw it down and it made a really big boom, echoing in the corridors. It didn't feel right and I ran back to the room with those guys. I told them what I did and they started to scream at me and told me to close the door. The door had a glass window and I could see through it and I saw a bunch of children running towards this door they were crying and screaming there were lots of them and I couldn't hold the door shut, so I asked the others to help me, one guy joined me, it wasn't enough so we asked for another guy, still wasn't enough, when the fourth guy arrived, we felt like we could hold them up forever. Suddenly grownups started to arrive at the door and the 3rd grown up was my mothers best friend and I tried to cover my face so she couldn't notice me, and I saw the other guy do the same, because his mother's best friend was there too and we both let go of the door and they rushed in .. And then I woke up.

I know it was a long dream but I see these kind of things all the time.I would appreciate your help and comments.

Thank you in advance! Tom

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Nov 28, 2014
How To Read The Signs
by: Ian

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Jun 09, 2013
Dreams of zombies
by: Anonymous

I really don't think your dreams has anything to do with u being different. I have read that to dream those kind of dreams means that u r feeling overwhelm by things or that u might be stressed by situations u feel that u can't control. I have had dreams of zombies as well and I found that I have them when I'm frustrated and don't know what to do handle a situation or when I hide how I feel. Once u find what is causing ur stress and deal with it, you will not have these dreams.

Sep 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Tom, have you always been just a bit different than the other kids you've known? Your dreams sound familiar to me and I am wondering if you have had some difficulties in school, and people, family and doctors wanted you to use medications for your symptoms... This happened to me and the man made medications made me feel strange... like a zombie you could say... when I chose to discontinue the use of the meds, I felt as though these others were after me...much like your dream.
I am thinking that your dream represents some feelings that you have had over medications and the way that people perceive you in generally.

If man made medications are involved in your life, you are harboring some doubt about them and may need to look into some herbal and more natural remedies. And I would also suggest learning the art of meditation. This is very relaxing and helps people to really get centered and know who they are. Once this is implemented, You will find that your dream life is something that you will look forward to.
Blessings to you.

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