by Rosie
(Clearwater, FL, USA)

My dream of zombies started with me sitting on a 4 steps of stairs with my four children, we were inside a gym.

Two men walked by and I knew they were up to something. I told my 22 year son that those two were up to something bad. The manager was walking by and my son got up and whispered that he had those two men inside the facility and they were planing something bad.

I then saw myself outside the gym and it was a big field around it. It was full of zombies, I looked to my right and there was a light skin woman next to me. I then lost my eyesight, went totally blind! The level of fear that I experience, by being blind and surround it with zombies was frighting.

I begged the lady to please guide me, she held my hand and she pulled me all over the place, like swerving. But she was holding and letting go of me frequently. Every-time she let go of my hand I felt hopeless and began throwing punches and kicking at the air to protect myself from a zombie attack.

Then I regained my eyesight and I saw a tall, dark haired, man leading a large group of people. The way there were walking was forming some sort of triangle. They began to throw metal cylinders into the air, and as they fell down they were hitting everyone. I saw hundreds and hundreds of metal cylinders falling, like rain drops. It was hitting the zombies, they came my way, but I never got hit.

With this they were able to clear up the entrance of the gym and they began to enter the facility. I stood there, the gym was towards my left side, and there was a long trail to my right, and I saw some sort of soccer field. There were people walking towards that trail. So I was standing with the option to enter the gym, which was a safe place from the zombie attack.

But I stared to my right sight with so much sorrow, thinking that those people walking on the opposite side (my right side) did not had the opportunity to know that there was a safe place to go to. Among the many people walking towards the wrong side, were the two men I saw at the beginning of the dream. I felt heartbroken that they did not had the opportunity to save themselves just because they did not know there was a better option.

I think this is a very spiritual dream, but there is much I don't understand. My dreams are always very deep and always carry a message. Please, if you can, guide me to a better understanding.

Thank you very much.


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Aug 18, 2014
I Dream Zombies Too
by: Blair Simmons

I was living in the zombie apocalypse and my family and I were with a group of people scavenging for supplies and we were attacked by a zombie horde. We managed to fight off the zombies but I was separated from my family and group during the fight and was also bitten during fight. And to top it off my daughter was lost with me. So my dilemma is do I risk trying to get her back to the group and me turning or do I kill both of us before I turn.

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Mar 29, 2014
Zombie Dreams
by: Anonymous

I think you are to understand we are not incontrol of our life. Our destiny is set long before we are born. People who seem to go through life with many obsticles. Obstacles that lead them to who they are to be. Those who trust that we are being lead with unseen hands, are happy and light hearted. You need to trust that you are being lead. Follow the road by seeing the sign before you. Maybe if you see some thing is not working out the way you want, know it wasn't meant to be. You don't want to be like all the zombies our there, who wander through like making havoc with other peoples lives. I know this the message of your dream. Don't follow the Zombies of the world, follow your the path God has set you on. Read the signs and if you need anything feel free to contact me.

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