A Monumental Struggle To Get Somewhere

by Patty Henderson
(Houston, TX)

I've hung back to meet with a famous man and he's met me a couple of times then had to go back leaving behind clothing. I waited a lengthy period of time then went through a door to leave and was met by a horrendous event, the air thick with some type of matter. White but not snow, it was as if I was pushing through something only to find more of the same.

I worked my way into and through a hospital and it was as if I was avoiding being detected. I had to punch a code in according to a nurse who found me struggling to get through the next door.

When I went through the traffic was insane and people were wrecked, desperate and crazy and I would pass them at high rates of speed.

When I arrive I have found my boyfriend (whom I now have been broken up with for about 16 yrs) has moved on and I have to move my belongings somewhere else but my mother is expected to come stay so I'm torn between leaving familiar things or taking everything.

This was where it ended.

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