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A Visit From Grandma

by Aleksandra Ivanova
(Northern California )

My dream was me sleeping and when I woke up (in my dream) I had a rectangular whole in the wall that fit my whole body. The whole was coffin shaped, which I found a little terrifying.

Looking outside the whole I saw my grandma (who is still alive) walking outside very close to where I was lying on my bed and digging a whole, that once again fit the size of my body. When I looked at her she smiled but never stopped walking and digging.

In my dream I got scared, knowing that my grandmother lives in Russia and shouldn't be in California so I got up and woke up my mom. I brought my mom to my room and asked her if she saw anyone there while pointing at my grandma, she said no. I asked if she was sure, because I clearly saw my grandma standing there smiling. She said she didn't see anyone there.

That's when I woke up for real, the dream was very realistic. I'm not sure what it means, does it just mean I miss my grandmother who I grew up with but now lives far away, or is it foreshadowing her death? My grandpa I also smokes a lot and often doesn't take care of his health. Could she be digging the grave for him? The dream was set in my room, in my dream it was also dark. My house did not change except for the whole parallel to my body.

Thank you for your time, I tried to describe it in as much detail as possible.

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