Aligning With Your Higher Self To Tap Into The Source

What is meant by aligning with your higher self? When you can relate to your inner soul, or spirit self, you tap into the source of divine energy and wisdom just like a psychic can.

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Many look at psychics in awe, and it's amazing - being able to identify with a person or spirit, interpret the information perceived or received and / or both - and generally bring forth enlightened and empowering information to both themselves and the client.

What we don't often realize however, is that to some degree we are all psychic. Just some of us arrive with more prominent natural gifts in this area and some develop over time, and this has much to do with environment when we are younger, openness, creativity and our spiritual journey through life - whether we are drawn to follow our path of intuition, and to what level.

Aligning With Your Higher Self

Most would agree that everyone has strong points - talents, gifts, whatever you want to call them. And some seem to have all the "luck”. The fact is that whether they know it or not, they are drawing from the great Universal Source of energy, and as such are being driven by their intuition. For example, I am writing this article, but it's flowing rather than thinking as such. I'm trusting that the content will arrive, and that's because I'm aligning with my higher self and trusting my intuition in what I am saying and what I want to share with others. A message of empowerment.

What happens when you are aligning with your higher self?

Let's take an enlightened musician as an example of what happens when aligning with your higher self. They are great at creating things to do with sound, and as such they probably hear inspiration in the form of audio in their minds. They are tapped into their higher self and drawing on their intuition and creativity, which all comes from a divine place, one that they have a natural ability to tap into. A closer look at this skill will reveal that clairaudience is serving them and this psychic ability can be refined by continual use.

Others may be drawn to certain areas naturally - and again, this is following your intuition. And some may choose to refine their skills to perceive and receive information from body and spirit, in order to help themselves and others - and this is just a variation of this use of talent. You see whether we know it or not, we are always communicating with higher energies. Some realize and some don't - and that's ok - your personal calling will drive you to where you need to be - with the practice of aligning with your higher self.

How do you know if you are aligning with your higher self?

I myself, have always had feelings and emotions associated with being connected to my higher self. I might get a good feeling about a house, a bad feeling about a space or room, and pick up on other's energies. I recently discovered and have been recently told many times that I have a gift. Upon further research, I have discovered I am an Empath, and pick up on feelings and emotions in people, animals, things and spaces.

Unrefined or misunderstood, aligning with your higher self can be a bit challenging, processing these extra emotions and being so sensitive, but by understanding and developing this empathic connection, I have become one with it, and it serves me now more than ever, and I can control more than most, my susceptibility to energies surrounding me - which is great!

I've also discovered I'm great at channelling information from higher wisdomatic sources, which is very useful also - that's why I like to help others. In understanding my skills more, I can now do this without draining myself, and using my skills to empower, guide, and grow myself in terms of direction and fulfilment much more easily.

Aligning with your higher self and being able to tap into various sources of life and spirit information is a gift, and if you desire, you can nurture it.

Overall however, this is called intuition and everybody can work on it. It's called trusting and listening to yourself and aligning with your higher self. 

Working on your gifts and trusting in yourself, is the path to higher vibration, and everything that exists on higher vibration is fantastic - love, peace, joy, compassion - and all the material is secondary - money and materialistic, but often comes easily with following your highest desires.

Some people get there without "being" too spiritual in focus, but at the end of the day, they are still using their intuition and living a life in tune with their higher good, and this is very spiritual.

When you reach for the higher energies, you can become fulfilled in ways that only the heart and soul can understand, and this really is heaven on earth.

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Guest post by Luke Carter

Luke Carter

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