What Is Orgone Energy And Can It Boost Psychic Ability?

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What is Orgone energy?

Orgone the universal cosmic energy that is all around us. It is our life force, and it is that beautiful blue glow that surrounds our planet earth. It was first observed, within his tireless persistent research, by Wilhelm Reich - an Austrian psychoanalyst based in Germany in 1930.

Wilhelm Reich developed a technology (and invented the orgone accumulator) which acts as a connecting element to orgone energy. Reich later fled from Germany because he was relentlessly pursued by the Nazi's. He went to America but for all his efforts Reich was silenced and discredited. This ongoing attack eventually lead to his incarceration and he sadly died in prison in 1957, since this time his research has been scientifically verified.

What is orgone energy doing to your psychic ability?

What does Orgonite help with?

Orgonite promotes feelings of love, joy, peace and happiness. It promotes a sense of balance and centeredness. Helps to release blockages or stagnant energy, and expands consciousness and awareness as well as promoting rapid revitalisation of the organism. Orgone energy also diminishes fatigue and tiredness and enhances physical strength and stamina and assists you in becoming more relaxed, harmonious, peaceful and calm. It can neutralise disharmonious or negative energies and clear negative energies of cosmic or telluric origin. Orgone protects against harmful electromagnetic radiation (AKA EMF EMR EMP 5G) and balances and enhances the biophysical energy field it heals and enhances our natural environment. I recommend you read the Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy Handbook for more information.

What is orgone energy used for by psychics?

Orgone energy has been essential to the development of my clairvoyance and I would recommend it to everybody. Orgonite increases psychic awareness and abilities and promotes mental clarity, focus and concentration. It’s Ideal for healers, light workers and channellers. It stimulates and activates your pineal gland, which is linked to the third eye chakra, improving intuition and creativity. It aids astral projection and lucid dreaming, increases synchronicity and improves manifesting abilities. It has helped me to enhance and develop my own abilities and has eased my health problems, improved my living environment and even cut my electricity bill, incredible stuff.

What is Orgone crystal made of?

Orgonite is a material made by combining various quartz crystals and metals shaped into a resin base. You can buy orgone generators, conductors, chem-busters, accumulators and zappers. Some of which you can keep on your person in the form of jewellery or beautiful ornaments for your home. Orgone generators come in all different shapes and sizes. Orgone pyramids being amongst the most popular. You can even make them yourself.

What are Orgone pyramids used for?

The Organite pyramids constructed with quarts crystal chips and metal shapes in resin so that they emit orgone energy can be used to balance the spiritual, emotional and psychical elements of the human body. Many people find they enhance lucid dreaming when placed near your bed. Set next to your water jug an orgonite pyramid is said to purify your drinking water. When sat in meditation with your hands together facing up and holding the pyramid you may find yourself going deeper and experiencing more vivid visualisations. 

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