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Analyzing Dreams of Escape

Analyzing Dreams of Escape. This dream was sent in by Sandra of Abbotsford Canada (Name changed for anonymity) continues our series of free interpretations of dreams.

Sandra writes: "Lately, I have been really stressed out. I went on a trip to Mexico recently, but have been waiting for my period for three and half weeks almost four weeks, so I am thinking I may be pregnant.

My boyfriend really wants children because he feels left out in his family his sister had a baby, so did his brother, and I don’t really want a child right now. The reason why I do not want to have a child with him is because I do not feel secure in our relationship. He always skips work every second day, not being responsible.

But for the last past four weeks I have been having weird dreams. I grew up in a neighborhood where I have always wanted to escape from (I do not live in this neighborhood anymore); my escaping dream from this neighborhood has been a dream that has always been troubling and following me for years now. I have had this dream since my childhood.

But last night I had that same escaping dream that I normally have but this time it was different, it was different because I wasn't only escaping my neighborhood, I was escaping my boyfriend Jeremy as well. I do not know what this means, it is beginning to worry me. I mean, my boyfriend Jeremy and I have an okay relationship; we fight quite a bit, but we always work around it eventually. I hope I gave you enough background information for you to be able to tell me what my escaping dream could mean."

 Celeste Minerva is analyzing dreams. This is focused on the idea of escape.

Sandra, this dream of escape is the classic example of the sub-conscious trying to release your worry and stress, you have about perhaps being pregnant to a man who is a little unstable. So your dream goes back to the re-occurring dream of escaping the danger.

If you both fight a bit, it wouldn’t be easy to bring a child into that, even if you do work it out. To fight at all would bring a child into an uncertain energy. To escape implies there is a trap. Traps in dreams symbolize getting caught, duped, fooled or hurt.

This is a dream of a major transition coming into your life. It’s also about your emotions and your reactions. Try not to judge situations negatively but look for the positive, maybe if he had a child he would become more stable? You may be running from your fears instead of facing them.

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