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Angel's Paranormal Story

by Veronica
(Michigan, U.S.A)

My friends call me Angel... I am a 16 year old girl. I have always believed in the Paranormal because I have always been able to do/see things others can't. I remember things happening when I was five but when I turned six and things in my life got horrible... everything just stopped. I wasn't able to anymore. Then I sort of forgot about it. When I was in the 6th grade my great grandfather died. He had dreams and could see auras. My mother never let me see him because she thought he was insane and I didn't need that in my life. When he died I felt it. I was in school. I felt sick to my stomach. I could have sworn I heard his voice and left him right beside me. I remember having the worse headache of my life. The light in the room was too much to have my eyes open. My teacher let me stay in the class while everyone went on the field trip. My mom was at work and so was my step dad. It was horrible. I felt like someone was reaching inside my brain and trying to pull my skull apart. I threw up only god knows how many times. I had a fever of 102. My mom thought I was hallucinating with some of the things I saw, I thought I was for a little bit. The next morning I was healthy as a horse. My mom made me skip school just to make sure. After that the world seemed different. I knew things were going to happen after that. My dreams got more real. I seemed to be able to know what people were feeling, and when they were in physical pain. I remember a few summers ago I had a dream and made my step sister call her mom. Things had happened and I was right. It freaked her out but she hasn't doubted me since. I know when bad things are going to happen. I can sense ghosts. And it used to scare me. It still kind of does. There’s a dark figure and an old lady who haunts my house. I never see the old lady anymore but the dark figure is around every now and then.

My grandfather died two years ago and ever since then my abilities have been weaker. And I don’t like that. I got so use to knowing things... I’m afraid to not know. My abilities only come out when I’m in a lot of pain or in a panic situation. The latest situation was when we and a few friends snuck into a house ready for demolition. They had a stash of things in there and I knew I just knew we shouldn't be there. One it was kind of typical just not to go in there. But then my friends reminded me this wasn't screaming of some other horror movie. I tried not to worry but I couldn't help it. The house was right across from a cemetery! How was I not supposed to freak out? We go in it was even worse than before. The energy was heavy and I felt like gravity was just going to press me into the ground. My friends almost seemed to scatter going off to do whatever they wanted. I myself was afraid to move but I was afraid to be alone. A psychic from a circus said I had a magnetic energy (I obviously believe in psychics but I don’t trust people because some are fakes). And I felt like she was true now. I felt like I was pulling something to me and the more scared I got the closer it got. In the hallway by the stairs going up there was a shaded man. He looked mad scary and evil; especially to see me standing there. When he took a step closer I screamed. One of my friends came running and I was pale. My head was starting to hurt. I knew for sure something bad was going to happen when my friend went up the stairs to get my others. He wanted to leave after I told him what I saw. I saw the ghost and then my friend stepped in the stop he had been standing in and the stairs caved in on him. He didn't fall all the way through. After a few minutes everyone left.

But I couldn't just leave it at that. Curiosity got the best of me. Need to feel the rush of my abilities opening up again took over. My friend who had fallen through the stairs came with me. I told him not to. He had too many problems I was afraid the ghost would use him against me. And I was right. He used him to make me leave. When we got there the energy wasn't bad but when the ghost realized I was there... I felt like I could barely breathe. I called him to me. And when I saw visions of how he killed his wife and then himself, my nose started to bleed. I have called other ghosts to help me scare away the bad ones before so I did it this time. They protected me long enough to get out. The dark figure from my house had been there to help me. The dark figure follows me. I have been told it’s probably my guardian angel. I had been staying at a friend’s house and when I came home I came home to find that something had followed me. It had to have. There was a dark energy and it caused problems. One night I was outside all alone and I was angry because my step dad had made my mom cry. I blamed whatever it was I felt. I told it to leave. I told it was MY house that I commanded it. It didn't command me. I was in charge. I did a few things I found online and it worked. I was happy. But I got really sick after that. My bad friends like to have me around so they can do bad things and not get caught. I always knew where to go and when not to do the things.

I have another ability where I can influence peoples thoughts. It got me the lead in the school play, when I didn't even audition. I can make people almost not see me. It’s exciting. I want to get better. I want to be able to do things without hurting. I want people to talk to about this.

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