Any Real Psychics Out There Who Can See Beyond The Probability?

Were any real psychics out there?
The irony in my own life is that I am probably the biggest skeptic I know. I am also one who will believe if the proof is delivered. It was for these reasons and a number of others that, when I was quite young, I embarked on an avocation of studying metaphysics, occult arts, and esoteric religion.

I wanted to know, in a real sense, what lay beyond the mundane and physical world and if there were any real psychics out there. 

James Kline is the verified author of this guest post.

During this period, I encountered a professional psychic who gave me a reading. I will never forget the literal feeling of unbalanced adrenaline combined with my own pounding heart when she said something about me that no one could have known. Having studied mathematics, including statistics and probabilities, I knew that there was absolutely no way that she could have ‘lucked’ into the information, or that her statement was mere coincidence. I had strongly doubted if there were any real psychics out there, but now, as they say, I was sold!

Are Psychics For Real?

Who else questions if there are any real psychics out there?

I am still intrigued by people who have experienced some level of psychic accuracy beyond coincidence and probability, who then question if there are any real psychics out there.

A friend of mine recently told me a very interesting story. At a point in her life, she was working as a customer service representative for a large technology company. She had a caller with a complex billing problem, which my friend eventually solved after considerable time on the phone. Towards the end of the call, the customer said something very interesting to her. She, the customer, said that she was a professional psychic, and that she felt compelled to tell my friend that she had had a vision about her while they had been resolving her billing problem. The customer who claimed to be a psychic told my friend that eventually she would be travelling, and that she would be doing work with animals. In about a year, my friend moved to a foreign country and got a job with a prominent animal rights organization. After telling me this story, my friend remarked that she thought it odd that all of this happened, because she still didn’t really believe there were any real psychics out there.

I didn’t bother arguing with my friend, nor did I try to convince her that she was wrong. After being told by a perfect stranger what would eventually happen in her life, and having the future unravel as predicted, if she didn’t believe then, there was probably nothing that could have convinced her. It goes like that with a lot of people.

Who else questions if there are any real psychics out there?

For a number of years, I worked for a large national psychic network. There were quite a few repeat callers who made a habit of challenging my abilities. The funny and somewhat ironic thing was that, they would make the first call then call me back a few days later after my previous prediction had come true. In the second call they would claim my accurate predictions from the first call were merely coincidence. So, in that second call, they would ask for more predictions. I would soon receive the third call, during which they would admit that my predictions were accurate. Oftentimes, despite repeated proof of my accuracy, they would attempt to deny the existence of any real psychics out there and even doubted my own psychic abilities, claiming that it was just weird happenstance, coincidence, or extremely fortunate luck for their reading. The irony was that they made a lot of calls to a psychic network for someone who doesn’t believe there are any real psychics out there!

Guest post by James Kline, New York Psychic

James Kline, New York Psychic

My own approach to readings is to be as ‘down-to-earth’ as possible. I am also very quick to put forth a disclaimer, designed to remind the client that what I, or any other real psychic does, is real and true, but not an exact science. I do this by pointing out that, if it was an exact science, I would be pulling lottery numbers out of thin air, and doing readings on my beach front lanai in the South Pacific.

Moms, Cookies, and Psychics - Is This Stuff Really Real?

When confronted about the ‘realness’ of psychic phenomenon, I lead the client through an example of psychic phenomena that almost everyone has experienced. I ask the client to remember back to when they were a young child. I then ask them to remember a time when there were cookies, or other sweet treats that their mother had prepared. I then ask them if they ever attempted to stealthily ‘sneak’ a cookie or treat from the kitchen. Everyone, by the way, answers in the affirmative to this question. I then ask if their mother, in another room or other part of the home, calls or yells out for them to put the cookie or treat down, as they shouldn’t spoil their dinner with sweets. Again, everyone answers in the affirmative. This is referred to as ‘mothers’ intuition’. I also call it a small example of psychic phenomenon. Sure mom probably didn’t know when you would find your true love, or if you would get the job you really wanted, or when life would get better from what it once was, but she knew what was going on without even being in the same room.

If you’re still not sure about psychics being real, make contact via Facebook, and we’ll talk about it.

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New York Psychic James Kline: Stunningly Accurate! by: Micki

When I first spoke with James, there was much uncertainty in my life. I was very distraught and (uncharacteristically for me), somewhat skeptical that any psychic could provide me with the clarity and direction I was seeking. In the midst of my searching and angst, I was perusing greetings from a psychic phone line I frequented, and decided to give James a try since he was new. It turns out that was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

After ascertaining that James was clairvoyant, which was the type of reading I was looking for, I asked him to look at a relationship. I gave no background information, and the next thing I knew, he was describing the man and the situation I called about in extremely accurate detail. I listened in awe as he confirmed many things about which I had been wondering. He also accurately predicted what would happen next, as well as the long-term outcome of the situation.

I have had many readings with James since the first one, and his accuracy on all fronts still astounds me. He is also extremely compassionate, non-judgmental, professional, honest, and affordable, not to mention that he has years of experience in the metaphysical field. I used to shop around for psychics quite a bit before connecting with James, but thankfully I don't have to anymore. He provides me with the clarity and peace of mind I need, and I am very thankful for that. 

So if you are stuck on the "how real are psychics?" thing check him out and prepare to be blown away. The man is awesome. I can't say it enough!

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