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by Leonardo
(Lowel MA USA)

Ask Mr Leonardo

Ask Mr Leonardo

I always went through life with blinders on. One day I was hit on my bike. I was in coma for 3 days. When I awoke I was a different man (boy). I was aware what people around was thinking, later I went to have a tarot card reading done and this woman told me that I have the gift. So I researched it well. I needed to develop my skills. First thing I did was learn tarot but after reading more, I found out I was an empathic clairvoyant, a dream reader, and was able to see people's future.

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Mar 22, 2018
Mr Leonardo
by: Keen Client

Leonardo always reminds me I am right in feeling the way I do with the guy I’m seeing. He gets the situation and has predicted many things my man has done and felt and also what may happen depending on my decisions. He’s great with male point of view and life view! Ty Leonardo very detailed in emotional and empathy!

Thank you, it is always a pleasure speaking with you , very in tune to my situation. Will call again.

May 25, 2009
spritual leo
by: Anonymous

I have been helping love relation's for 21 years. I looking for a home web site were I can use my gift's to give allmy callers the info they meed. I love what i do and i will explane all to you. You will leave reading with a new understanding of love and the correct way to go about it. Ask Leo

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