A Manifesting Desires Jar Can Make Real Magic Work For You

Have you tried using a Manifesting Desires Jar? I was sitting in contemplation recently, marveling at how over the last ten years, some desires that I never really pursued much have come to fruition on their own. Like wow, how did that happen? 

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One of these desires was to travel to some beautiful locations in the world. I remember being freshly out of school, and having just learned about the law of unlimited thinking. 

In my youthful naiveté, that others would surely share, with enthusiasm I began to mention all the locations I wanted to visit to a family friend. To my dismay, her first response was "where are you going to get the money for THAT?" with a sarcastic tone and a smirk on her face. 

Have you tried a Manifesting Desires Jar?

Though I felt hurt, I decided not to give in to any limited thinking and held on to my belief that the universe would show me the way. Over the following few years, life happened, as it does, and I forgot all about my travel wishes, and went on about the business of working, paying bills, figuring out what my higher purpose might be, etc. 

Over the last five years though, seemingly out of nowhere, a series of synchronicities occurred in my life which led me to travel to many of the locations I had listed over a decade ago! 

So, while I do believe in actively pursuing and manifesting our desires, via things like vision boards, positive affirmations, the law of attraction, visualizations and so forth, I also have come to realize that sometimes the universe works best to bring us what we want when we make a simple request and then totally let it go. In that space, we are free, free of tension, free of fear, free of over-thinking the whole thing. 

So I came up with the idea of a Manifesting Desires Jar. 

"The Manifesting Desires Jar" is a fun, artistic, and personal way to channel your thoughts, dreams, and desires into physical form. It's a practice that combines elements of visualization, law of attraction, and mindfulness to help you focus your energy on what you genuinely desire in your life.

Here's a more detailed guide to creating and using your own Manifesting Desires Jar:

1. Choosing the Jar:

  • Start by finding a jar or container that appeals to you. It should be something that you find aesthetically pleasing and feel drawn to, as this will increase the positive feelings associated with it. This could be a mason jar, a carved wooden box, a beautiful vase, or even an antique tin. You can also decorate your jar or container if you like, maybe with crystals, paints, or stickers that resonate with you. This step can be a creative process in itself!

2. Crafting Your Desires:

  • Whenever you feel a genuine desire arise within you, take a moment to write it down on a piece of paper. This is not a wish list for material possessions, but rather a chance to articulate your deepest hopes and dreams. Include the date on the paper, as this will give you a reference point in the future.

3. Sealing Your Desire:

  • Once you've written down your desire, fold up the paper. You can seal it with a sticker, a dab of wax, or as suggested, a kiss. This adds a sense of finality and release to the process, and symbolizes you letting go of your need to control the outcome. You are entrusting your desire to the universe.

4. Depositing Your Desire:

  • Drop the folded paper into your Manifesting Desires Jar. This act signifies the physical manifestation of your desire, making it real and tangible, at least in some form. It's a statement to the universe that you're ready for this desire to enter your life.

5. Letting Go:

  • Once your desire is in the jar, try to let go of any attachment to the specific outcome. This is where you trust in the universe's timing and wisdom. Go about your week, your month, your year, without constantly dwelling on this desire. The magic lies in releasing your need for control and embracing the unpredictable beauty of life.

6. Checking Back:

  • At a later date - maybe months or even years later - open up your jar and read through the desires you've written down. You might be surprised to find how many of your desires have manifested, often in ways you couldn't have predicted. This is a powerful reminder of the unseen forces at work in our lives, and a validation of your own power to influence your reality through intention and desire.

The Manifesting Desires Jar isn't just a tool for wish fulfillment - it's also a mindfulness practice. It encourages you to articulate your desires, to let go of your need for control, to trust in the wisdom of the universe, and to remain open to the many surprising and delightful ways in which your desires can manifest.

Guest post by Psychic Saaqi

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Saaqi is a Spiritual guide, writer/blogger, and 3rd generation intuitive, tarot master, and soulmate expert.

She was named at birth after the Saaqi, a being who is revered in the East as a Spiritual muse to poets and seekers alike, who is responsible for dispensing inspiration and wisdom to those who call on her.

Saaqi has been giving professional readings via the Keen Psychic Network since 2007. She has accurately predicted collective events such as the results to the last several presidential elections and has been featured on the radio. 

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I highly recommend Keen Psychic Saaqi - by: Deb 
She's one of the most accurate advisors I've talked to. Even though she's pretty accurate, sometimes she's said things that I just couldn't see happening, or how it could. Most of the time, it happened just as she said. Most recently, she was seeing a job change for the better and I just couldn't see how it could turn out the way she saw it, but it did. One of the interviewers even used the same phrase Saaqi did in describing it to me! She's also nice and doesn't waste your time.

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