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Astral and Thought Projection

by Jon Wilson
(Rochester NH)

I was practicing a meditation technique when I heard voices start to come into my head. I then began to go deeper into my meditation and woke up with white all around me, me having a string hanging out of my stomach leading to somewhere, so I thought in my head, “where does this lead to”?

Instantly I was looking at my physical body sleeping. I was freaked out so I pictured my mom in my head and instantly I was looking at my mom but she couldn’t see me. I screamed her name and then she looked around like she heard it, I was even more freaked out because I thought I was dead!

I thought of my body again and I was there, I put one finger on to my head and I woke up, I was back in my physical body wondering if this was all a dream.

I then looked up oobe's and found the answers I was looking for.

In just 7 simple steps, you too can escape the confines of your physical body and experience the mysterious phenomenon known as Astral Projection”

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Dec 17, 2010
whoa there
by: Anonymous

Slow down honey, there's a reason some people don't try astral and thought projection. When you leave your body like that you run the risk of not being able to go back into your body. I know a guy who would travel outside of his body every night, but one night when he tried to get back into his body it took him hours. It was a scary experience for him, and also when you enter into that unknown haze of reality you run the risk of meeting a demon. A demon's goal is to posses you, and if your body is unprotected, then you run that risk. I have traveled out of my body also, but only through dreams, and as wonderful as it is there are way too many dangers. I hope the best for you, and please be careful because many people have died doing this. good luck.

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