by Tory
(York, PA, )

I don't know if this is 'extraordinary' or 'strange' but I'm sure everyone on here is familiar in some sense about the 'sensation' of auras....My psychic abilities are heightened to such a point I can sense when a person is looking at me....even if they're behind me, it's as if I can 'feel' the angle at which their eyes are staring at me from....It's NEVER failed me yet....I know this because just as I turn to meet the person they advert their eyes as if I'm going to punish them lol.....I'm not a mean person at all, I just 'feel' as if that person and I are destined somehow to interact, or meet.....I just have no time to waste on....Also, I tend to 'draw' people in.....I don't try it at all....its' as if I 'call' to them, normally, when I'm just thinking, I try to 'direct' the thought and my focus to the person, and as soon as I do they look at me as if in a 'daze'.....but I suppose that can be explained by my aura....I'm not sure what the reason is, but for whatever it is, people look at me try to look at the floor.....I don't believe I have a 'mean' face, just a calm, and placid face....I never come across aggressively unless I'm with people I know, and they know that I'm not WHOLLY aggressive.

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