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Bad Bed Hug Dream

by Natashia
(South Africa)

In this dream I did not know I was dreaming until I woke up, but I remember it clearly, just as I remember the lucid dreams I have.

This is the dream:

I was in bed next to my fiancé (we were both asleep) and was woken by a very loud noise, like a plane’s engine was right inside my room. I sat up in bed and tried to wake my fiancé up but I couldn't get any reaction from him. At this point I'm starting to become quite alarmed and I stand up on the bed. Then I feel something grab me from behind in a bear hug. It starts to walk with me to the bottom of the bed and as it jumps off the bed with me in its hold I wake up.

As I woke up I sat straight up in bed and was breathing very heavily and I remember being very scared.

Since that dream I have many lucid dreams in which I am aware that I am dreaming and I can see shadows around me. These dreams are very unsettling.

It’s almost as if that first dream of being carried off the bed started me on this journey of lucid dreaming.

Any help in understanding that dream will be appreciated.

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Dec 29, 2012
dark bear hug
by: RubysLens

The way you convey a level of fear and reality connected to your dream seem to me to indicate a possible psychic intuition.

During our sleep and dream we are able to connect easier with the spirit world. You may be opening up to your psychic abilities and are sensing the dark spirits around.

I don't know why they are dark and negative but you may want to do some spirit work or some grounded meditation with protection. Be careful and do not allow them to take you over. Surround yourself with love and light and lots of positive energy.

Seek an expert if you feel the need for outside help.

Dec 14, 2012
Trust yourself to ease the unknown
by: M

Being in bed denotes comfort, security and safety. Has your fiancée been emotionally there for you or do you feel/worry about a disconnect? Standing on your bed is empowering for you to be in control of your safety.

Most lucid dreams are a sign of inner power, growth, and discovery. This makes perfect sense as you, turned to wake your fiancée when you were scared. He is still there for you, however you have risen above needing him. The bear hug from behind is you finding comfort within. Bear hugs traditionally mean complete and encompassing love, not seeing or being afraid of the hug leads to you. Being behind is being supported.

The universe is signaling that your journeys will be natural and needed. You are ready and crave your own personal growth independently. You must trust yourself much more, the black shadows will be visible once you feel comfortable knowing you will always be okay for you make good decisions and know what best for you if you listen to your instincts.

Nov 29, 2012
More on bed hug dream
by: Anonymous


Thanks for your comment on the dream. The hug from behind was not a loving or comforting hug. During the dream I experience terror and being gripped like that.

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