Between waking and sleeping

by Tara
(United States)

Among different experiences, there is one that I do not understand. It occurs in that space between waking and sleeping - between consciousness and unconsciousness. I begin "hearing" snatches of conversations from all different people, males and females, and all different ages. The grey area voices are like the white noise of the louder clearer voices. With these voices a feel of the person's age surroundings and whatnot are represented. It's like seeing colors using sounds, except I'm not using my ears to hear. The louder and clearer the voice, the easier and longer a link to a picture gives a greater understanding of what's going on. When I try to focus it or grasp it, it flows through the hooks. When I let it flow, it ebbs in and crashes like waves- washes of voices, events, something akin to video or pictures. When this happens, I can see the people, where they are, like in a doorway, near darkwood stairs, in a narrow alley and the general looks of the person. A black male between 16 and 20, a guy in his thirties in an office with white shirt and tie, a female in a red dress near dark wood stairs on the phone about her boyfriend, a close up of a child's face while he turns to look behind him, a car crash that is in the newspaper the next day. That is the kind of thing.

I've looked up what I think it is, but I don't know and don't understand. Is this what I think it is? How can I know for sure without speaking with someone who knows firsthand of such things?

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