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Boyfriend Making Up With Ex

by Amber

I was at my boyfriend's house and there were a bunch of different people in the kitchen. On one of the chairs were a bunch of new clothes with tags on them and everyone told me how they hated my new shirts. I decide to get a glass from the cabinet and behind me was my boyfriend's brother and he was smelling my hair which freaked me out.

It was like I was out of my body and could see through his eyes as he got close to my hair to smell it. I remember thinking how my boyfriend couldn't find out that I had cheated on him with his brother and how when he smelt my hair how suspicious it looked so I ran to the bathroom. Everything was so neat and I remember touching these two pink glass objects that lit up and how when I went to put them back I had a hard time putting them back exactly how I found them.

Then my son came in and had to go poop, so as he was going he farted and so much poop came out and got all over him including his face. It was like mud. So I flushed the toilet and tried to clean him off in the toilet. The poop was covering his face and mouth area. It was like I zoomed in on his face and I could see he was gasping for air. I tried to clean him faster but he couldn't breathe so I grabbed a little towel and wiped his face off. He started breathing with no troubles.

Then I’m standing in someone's kitchen and the island is between my boyfriend and me. We were talking then his ex-wife came in. She started to talk to him in polish as he is from Poland. I couldn't understand what was being said but all I knew was that his ex was trying to win him back. Then his ex and I are in the back of a SUV and she was smoking and it looked like there was a ton of mascara all over both ends of the cig. She then was putting on MY make-up and I remember yelling at her demanding my make-up back. I told her I was going to knock her out and she told me she doesn't fight but I didn't care. She gave me back my make-up and I was about to put some on but stopped. Then my boyfriend got in the backseat with us, he was on the right side, me in the middle and his ex on the left. She was in all black with a hoodie over her hair and he had on a big floppy white hat.

I remember thinking how it was weird seeing him wearing a hat like that as he never wears white hats and only baseball style hats. His ex then started talking but all I remember is the look on his if he didn't know what to do. He was confused but I felt like he did want to give his ex a second chance. I then went to light up a cig for myself then went to light up one for my boyfriend and it was like a race between his ex and I as to see who could light one up faster and give it to him. I won and I then started yelling at her for trying to do something for my man.

Then it was like the seat grew ten feet in-between my boyfriend and I and I started yelling at him telling him how it wasn't fair for me to be trapped in the middle and how I don't deserve this. Then I wanted to fight his ex and one of my boyfriend's friend was driving and turned around and told his ex "i will always protect you" but when he was talking to her he called her a different name than what my boyfriend's ex name is. Even though it was a different name I knew it was her though.

I was hurt and woke up in tears.

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