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Bright Light

by Nancy
(Houston, Texas)

I had this dream years ago but it stays with me. I am alone in a room and I am in the center of a very very bright light that forms a cirle around me on the floor like a dome covering me. I am standing in one spot but turning around in a circle trying to see why I am covered in this white light and it is then that I see shadows outside the light and I just know they want to get me but they cannot enter the light. From what I can make out they are scary dark creatures not human.

The only other time I have seen this light was when I was in labor with my son on the very day we were burying my grandfather (who I extremly close to) so I missed his funeral and just beofre the baby came it was as if I were dreaming while awake. All of a sudden I was a small girl and I was walking down the dirt road at my grandparents farm. i was hold someone's hand and swinging it. When I looked up it was my grandfather and he was younger too like he would have been arond the age I was in this dream. We stopped walking I was so extremely happy and I looked up at him and he said it was time for me to go. I said I don't want to go but he said you have to you are going to have a healthy baby boy and I woke up and almost that very second my son was born. During this whole drem we were bathed in that same white extremely bright sunshine only it did not hurt my eyes.

Are theses 2 seperate dreams or are they connected because of the light and what do they mean?

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