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Celeste Minerva | Psychic

Celeste Minerva, is an Exceptionally Skillful Psychic 

With an awareness of having lived many lifetimes; some back to Ancient Egypt she brings forth elemental knowledge to the modern world.

Her readings are derived from clairvoyance, clairaudience and direct psychic communication with her own special spirit guides.

Using oracles of Tibet, crystals and sometimes tarot cards with her guide’s interpretations, she is an empath who can also recognize soul mate relationships and psychically interpret your dreams.

With over 30 years astrological experience Celeste has formed a new and unique form of spiritual interpretation for planetary energies.

She has written “the Stars” for such sites as Ancient Paths and Modern Ways”, on Dream Analysis for Psychic Junkie and contributes to many other related web-sites. Celeste has also appeared on radio with her own programs.

She has brought many clients spiritual realizations which greatly improved their lives.

Although not a medium and not channeling people who have passed over she does possess a wonderful gift of receiving information though her own guides and can show you how to change your life.

Psychic advice is available for the following topics: Love / Relationships / Soul Mates / Work / Career / Business / Astrology / Psychic Dream Interpretations

The meaning behind the name: Celeste means Heavenly and Minerva means Goddess of Wisdom. ‘Heavenly Goddess of Wisdom’.

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Celeste Minerva

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