Clairsentient empathic sensitive, with high intuition

by Carolyn

I am a clairsentient empathic sensitive, with high intuition. I am also a lightbearere holding much energy and information for these very new and changing times.

I grew up in a home, where communication was not key to the pain that my family would feel, on a very regular basis.

At 25, I knew I needed help in healing my experiences. By the end of my one year healing with traditional counseling, I was completely online to my intuition. Began reading upwards of over 100 books in the first 6 months. Yes, I had a guide for the beginning of my journey.

Soon after, I was able to take a class. My teacher shared with me that my abilities were going to connect quickly and boy did they.

Prior to counseling and classes, had a very difficult time being in crowds, crowded stores...being around people in negative moods, that refused to move through their stuff. Especially couldn't be around people that said one thing, but meant or thought something entirely different.

Eventually, with lots of practices; reading for others and teaching psychic/intuitive development and the Tarot, I discovered that I had a life purpose and mission to bring much needed understanding and information to other sensitives.

I would discover, that being extremely sensitive, would require great practice in remembering how to focus my mind and pay attention to my emotions, feelings, attitude and behavior. I used lots of healing modalities to participate in a constant clearing of my personal space and boundaries. I pretty much became a guardian of my personal boundaries.

This has been a 25 year journey. There continue to be days, where I am begging for inner relief from the pressure valve of life; feeling shifts and changes energetically, however, because I committed to my journey, although I pick and choose who comes into my home with my family, and I pick when I go grocery shopping or the time of day that I do certain things, for the most part, I can function in a balanced and centered way.

These are definitely very new and interesting times that we are living in and it is my hope, that others who read my articles or request a consultation with me, that they too, will find peace in their own awakening journey.

The process for sensitivity is a constant request, for our full participation in healing our life, with much needed understanding and awareness.

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