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Confidante Energy Psychic

by Confidante
(Keen Psychics)

Confidante Energy Psychic

Confidante Energy Psychic

Hi my name is Confidante and I do energy readings. When I was younger I struggled with this ability since I did not know what I was seeing, feeling and I couldn't explain it as energy. I grew up in a household where that kind of topic is taboo so I kept it to myself. Later on in life I was able to study the paranormal which helped me understand this gift. There is pain in knowing too much and it can be a strain.

My advice to those of you discovering your ability is to be patient. When you have an ability, you are going through what I like to call "energy puberty." Your body is learning to deal with the stresses of being a psychic. Energy puberty can take up to two years and trust me it gets easier. I had nightmares and entities contact me 24/7 for a whole year. After that, I learned to manage and each trial became easier. I also learned that the more you deny your gift or try to block it for long period of time the stronger it becomes. It’s like pressurized gas...and you keep adding more and more...until one day that container can't contain it...and pop goes the weasel. I mean it is possible to block it for short term (without consequences), do you think I want to go to a dinner party and see dead people everywhere?

I don't have a formal label as to how I get my readings but it is a combination of visions, mediumship, drawing energy, dreams, vibrations...there are so many ways.

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