by Lisa
(Beaufort,N.C. United States)

It is a dream I have had many times as far back as I can remember, even before being a school aged child.

I am in total blackness, I am terrified and hear a steady beating, as if a heart beat or something. I have nowhere to go because the darkness is closing in around me. The darkness felt evil feeling, I was helpless. I am too afraid to wake up. I am too afraid to move even in the dream . I am motionless with fear and just four or five when I first had these dreams.

In the dream I do not know what it is or what to do . It very slowly draws closer and closer to me as if to envelope me. It is if it is going to consume me. It is as if the darkness has weight that I can feel surrounding me .

As a child, I had a beautiful childhood in the country on the coast. I have no reason to have had any bad experiences to draw such a nightmare. T.V., back then was not what it is today, I am 48. Never saw anything bad as a child.

I was paralyzed to move in this dream because there was nowhere to go. I never have felt such fear and woke up confused because it was a dream of nothingness. Just heavy, evil feelings.

Anyways, I also see a fox often in a lot of dreams as an adult too.. lol That isn't so scary.


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