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Dead Cow in Water?

by KF

In my dream I find myself hovering or floating vertically dressed in white above a body of clear still water in surroundings of plush woods. (but I cannot see any part of myself but I can sense/feel surroundings as well as see the surroundings)

Then suddenly I look down in water beneath me and a dead ox or cow that is only a full head on a bone only full skeleton is in water staring up at me with eyes open as wide as possible and mouth slightly open with tongue slightly visibly sticking out of mouth and when I look back to surroundings everything is gloomy and barren like woods but strangely the water remained clear. The eyes of the animal had a look in them that gave me a feeling it was asking me to help it but it's dead with a head stuck on a completely clean intact skeleton and this feeling and sight confused me.

I had a feeling of me viewing a world that is no longer livable but I could sense an energy that was fighting to survive, almost like there was still hope in the environment to once again flourish. But I also sensed a feeling that it may be a false hope. I felt the need to take in the surroundings fast and quickly.

I then awoke abruptly and realized I was dreaming but it felt very real while in dream state.

My emotional feelings in the dream were blissfulness at first then confusion and then my feelings became uneasy when the scene changed. But I also felt strangely calm during whole dream until I awoke startled.

I am baffled by this dream and have conflicting feelings on it, could this dream be a message or just a weird dream?

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