Death In Dream Happened.

by Marissa

I was in a car with a family I knew from my church. I was sitting the back listening to them laugh and carry on. We were on a two way lane and we were coming up a hill. When we came up the hill I saw a car coming towards us on our side of the rode. I blinked then I was on the side of the rode and watched the two cars collide I say their little girl stand beside me and just smile then she was gone. The next morning when I woke up me and my family got a call from the church Pastor and explained what happened. My dream came true and their daughter died just like in my dream.

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Oct 28, 2011
Not to be upset
by: AnonymousM

You are probably a psychic and very sensitive to people you know, like you feel their energy. I also had experience of feeling my relative's death. Strange, because I don't have knowledge of this, but I think you should remember this situation or record a diary, and try to find something that will teach you how to use this power, maybe it will help you in the future.

Oct 27, 2011
by: Elisha

Thats awsome that you can see future events like that. I too have had premonition dreams. Strangly enough, they've stopped just over the last two years. But for the past ten years ive had premonition dreams comming in one after annother. the first 1 started JUST Before 911! It was about terrorists taking over the US and bruning towns and cities and taking the people hostage, tourchure, rape, etc. Shortly after 911 happened! I thought back then that this was my dream comming true. Hopefully it still Wont come true! Although several other dreams have allready come true! Ive had dreams about the near future and in most of my dreams its world wide knowledge that the world is comming to an end. Even though back when I was having these dreams, the end of the world was just skeptics and myths. I've had dreams of floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, protests and fire! No Bull! If you would ever like to discuss your dreams or just need support, you can E-mail me Good luck to ya:)

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