The Death Tarot Card Meaning Is More Inspirational Than Fearful

The death tarot card meaning may signify a difficult transformation, think instead of a snake shedding an old skin and emerging stronger, better, and renewed. Enjoy all the intricacies that this card offers and don't be afraid to embrace the end that it warns of. Welcome the new opportunity and the rekindled you that could emerge.

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We've all seen it in movies and read about it in horror stories. An inquisitive main character goes to get their fortune told in a dark, secretive room by an old woman with a deck of tarot cards. The woman shuffles the cards and asks the main character to cut the deck and flip over a card. The main characters eyes widen in fright as they realize it is the Death card that they have chosen...

In a deck of 78 Tarot Cards, 22 cards represent very crucial ideas and concepts, with Death being one of them. The Death card is often artfully illustrated with a skeletal figure dressed in robes, red or black roses, a scythe or sword, a setting sun, and a graveyard or headstone. I personally find these illustrations beautiful but to the average person receiving a psychic reading they are terrifying. Physical and mortal death is a concept that has (at least for a moment) frightened every single human being to have ever existed on this planet.

What does the death tarot card represent?Do Not Fear The Death Tarot Card Meaning

It is impossible to deny that the Death tarot card meaning inspires fear when it appears in a psychic reading, but does it really mean that somebody is going to die? In some cases, the answer is yes. The Death card represents the end of something. Although the Death tarot card meaning could indicate the end of a life it generally refers to the end of something else: a career, a relationship, a project, a friendship, there are many possibilities.

What the Death tarot card meaning teaches us is that there can be no new beginnings without the ending of something else. I am usually excited for my clients when the Death card appears in a reading because I know that along with the coming end of something is a new opportunity or beginning! Death is very necessary in life and it is important to remember that not all endings are bad endings.

FAQS For Death Tarot Card Meaning

What does the death tarot card represent?

The Death Tarot Card also represents rebirth and transformation. Although the Death card may signify a very difficult transformation (the person may reach a terrible low point in their lives depending on their individual scenario) think of it as a snake shedding old skin: it can be difficult and painful for a snake to escape its old skin but it will emerge stronger, better, renewed.

What are some positive aspects of a Death Card in a Tarot spread?

  • One of the most positive aspects of the Death card is that it represents the potential for growth and new beginnings. When something old or outdated is released, it creates space for something new and fresh to emerge. This could mean a new job opportunity, a new relationship, or a new perspective on life. The Death card encourages us to embrace these changes and to have faith in the journey ahead.
  • Another positive aspect of the Death card is that it can represent the opportunity for healing and personal growth. When we are forced to let go of something or someone, it can be painful and difficult. However, it can also lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. The Death card reminds us that sometimes we need to experience loss or change in order to learn and grow.
  • Lastly, the Death card can also represent the idea of rebirth and renewal. When we let go of the old, we create space for something new and better to emerge. This can be a very positive and transformative experience, as it allows us to leave behind anything that is holding us back and to move forward with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

Overall, the Death card in a tarot spread can be a positive message that new beginnings, healing, and renewal are on the way.

Is there a funny side to the Death Tarot Card?

A humorous interpretation of the Death card is a kick up the pants! You can see it as wake-up call or reminder that it's time to shake things up and get moving with something new.

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Guest Post by Cristina Aguilar

Cristina Aguilar the Gypsy Raven

Cristina Aguilar (also known as Gypsy Raven)  is a folklorist, astrological adviser, expert Tarot reader and award-winning writer.

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