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Deceased Dad

by Summer
(New jersey)

I was dreaming about building a slide on the side of a mountain but the project had to stop because there was a brick house built into the mountain. When I looked in, it was a deep well with a woman in a wedding dress dead at the bottom. I got her out and her "ghost" just wanted to be found. She left for a higher place.

Then this gorgeous guy (not my husband) was so charming, and I ended up sort of loving him. I just couldn’t fully commit to a relationship with him. He was great with my kids. He says to me "I really need you to bring all of your stuff and put it into the 'well room." I asked why and he said because I am being haunted by a negative energy. I said that's my dad and I'm not getting rid of him. So as time went on (months or days in my dream) he slowly started getting mean and displaced and his hair was turning green and his nails were growing. I thought maybe he was a troll.

He insisted that my negative energy was doing this to him. I quickly at that point changed my dream so I could leave him and take my kids and myself out of harm’s way.

What does this all mean?

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