Different Dreams Begin Same

by M

My dreams always surround many situations, faces, subjects, etc. It's like it's not my dream, but I'm in the dream of someone else. I'm the viewer, the audience.

My dreams always begin with a hallway/corridor ...along the hallway are doors, and above the doors are images or names. I start walking, and I keep walking until one door opens (it opens slightly). At this point, I hear sounds (water, crackle if fire, echoes, voices/screams). I open the door to where I can see, and there something is.

My dreams are always different, but begin the same exact way.

One specific and terrifying dream was about six months ago. My sister had just returned from California, her room wasn't finished so she was going to stay with me in my room. She falls asleep and her dream begins. She is in a room, a room with red walls, at first she looks around and there isn't a way out. She looks again, and now there's a door. The door opens slightly, so she opens the door and walks into a hallway. The hallway seems to "melts" as she put it, and hands appear, holding scissors. She screams and starts to run. She keeps running and running until she sees light. She finds the source of the light. It a room, the walls seem transparent and she says that she saw me but my eyes looked like crystals. She looks around and she is greeted by a closed coffin decorated in flowers. She hears a scratching noise from inside the coffin. She looks back at me, and I look at her and use my fingers to move back and forth like that of what scissor blades do. I turn around and walk away, still doing the scissor "thing". All the while she's still hearing the scratching noise, getting louder and louder. Then all goes silent...and then the hands from before start tearing the walls down. She wakes up from her dream, and she sees me sitting up in the bed. She asks if she woke me up, but I never turn to acknowledge her, until she shakes me slightly... I kind of give her a side look (my head didn't turn, but my eyes found her) and I said "that coffin looked pretty with the flowers." And I did the "scissor thing" with my fingers. My sister is frozen, and I lie back down.

My dreams usually are much more vivid when someone sleeps with me.

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