Does The Secret Really Work?

Does the secret really work has been the big question since several Oprah shows about The Secret went to air.

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As well as being a profession psychic, I've been a practitioner and teacher of The Secret for many years. I find the same question often comes up after learning about the law of attraction.

So from my standpoint as a professional psychic and a Creative Visualization trainer over the past 30 years, I know the power of thought in creating your future. I’m my own personal case of using The Secret and creatively visualizing desired goals and outcomes I have had more than enough evidence of the efficiency of the projection of thoughts and thus engaging the Law of Attraction.

But in a psychic reading am I seeing future events that come true or am I projecting thoughts that come true? Does the secret really work ? I am 100% sure that it works both ways.

Using the Secret and engaging the law of attraction with creative visualization IS self fulfilling prophecy. And my psychic readings have proven to be VERY accurate prophecy.

How does the secret really work best? - This is the DEEPER SECRET.

  • In the alpha state of mind your brain wave frequency enters the psychic realms and also empowers the secret law of attraction. The brainwave levels between Alpha and Theta, in particular 7.8 cps, mesh with the Earth’s heartbeat or pulse, known as the Schumann Resonance which is predominantly 7.8 Hz

So why not find out where the Secret started from? Discover how The Silva Method’s Theta Training Technology can unlock your mind’s ability for reliable and consistent intuition in your life. The Silva Intuition System is to be found at the root of all Secret Teachings.

Another of the questions often asked these days is: Where is the secret movie free download site? If you are asking this question you are a little too late. There were a few copies of The Secret DVD uploaded to recently and links were quickly zapped around the web. But those pirate copies of the Secret DVD were quickly removed. It’s possible that other unregistered users will re-upload the Secret documentary from time to time but they will not be many hours before their removal. So the secret movie free download site was YouTube but is no longer.

If you still want the secret movie download and you are willing to pay about $5 you can see it on as a pay per view. This way you get to watch the secret online but you do not get keep a downloaded copy.


Getting back to the question does the secret really work ? The only way to really know is to watch The Secret DVD or read the book and put the law of attraction to work for your-self. Of course you can read plenty of reviews online these days which answers the question does the secret really work. 

The Law of Attraction really can be an incredibly POWERFUL force for change in your life. You just need to use it CORRECTLY.

Does The Secret Really Work - Links:

  • E-Squared is like a lab manual with simple experiments that prove reality is malleable, consciousness trumps matter, and you shape your life with your mind.
  • Now, for the first time ever, the wisdom of every major Law of Attraction teacher has been combined - to produce a fascinating audio course, demonstrating the greatest techniques - for SUPER-RAPID RESULTS. It's called Law Of Attraction Pro 
  • Bradley Thompson knows the TWO MISSING STEPS that "The Secret" doesn't tell you. He's manifested a dream lifestyle over the past twenty years - and he will prove to you that manifesting works brilliantly when you follow his six step system in - The Quantum Cookbook! Not only that, he'll hand over $150 if it DOESN'T work for you. 
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