The Law Of Abundance Unlocked For You With These 3 Gifts

Elizabeth Knudson is the verified author of this guest post.

The Law Of Abundance! Who else wants to unlock some extra wealth, health and joy? 

Are you searching for way to get more out of your life? Do you feel there is a better way to improve your finances, health and relationships? Do you sense there is more beauty, goodness available to you? Do you sense a hidden truth is waiting to open up to you and help you solve problems easily and effortlessly?

I sense a little voice in the back of your head is prompting you, maybe even demanding that you find a way to get that. This voice is telling you the time is now! Don’t wait! If I am right about you and YOU listen, there some wonderfully abundant gifts just around the corner, wrapped in a bow with your name on them.

Alignment With The Law Of Abundance

I too began to hear this voice not so long ago. When I obeyed, listened and believed, my world was transformed into something more magnificent than I could have realized for myself.

How do you attract abundance? 

  • When you align with these 3 gifts you can unlock and enjoy a deeper, richer, and more pleasurable life experience. The law of abundance alignment gifts are: 1) Belief 2) Connection 3) Act

I invite you to use each gift below as I did and open the floodgate for abundance. These gifts will give you the courage and energy to peek around the bend and claim an abundant new reality that is your birthright!

How To Align With The Law Of Abundance 

The Law Of Abundance Alignment Gift 1: BELIEF

In order to fully connect with all the abundance the universe has in store for you, you must believe in the Highest Good. You don’t have to believe in a conscious God, per se, but belief in a force that is good and all-powerful is essential. You can connect to a Highest Good, or what you perceive God to be without being judged or punished. You can avoid the archetype of a grumpy old man in a white robe, with a long white beard, ready to bring fire and brimstone for the slightest moral misstep. What is Highest Good? It comes from the deepest, truest part of you. It is the positive force in the universe that keeps every cell in the universe cooperating, so everything can continue to exist. It’s what created us, the universe around us and the stars and planets that existed long before we were created. It is the force of creation, the life force of the universe. If you have a specific spiritual guide, deity or archetype that personifies this idea, by all means, continue to believe and focus on it. Alignment with the Law Of Abundance is available to anyone who is willing to believe. This may be a tough concept for some, but read on. I have listed below a ritual that will open the channels for Highest Good in you.

The Law Of Abundance Alignment Gift 2: CONNECTION

Learn how to connect with the divine, God or the Highest Good for all.

Alignment With The Law Of Abundance Ritual

Choose something in your life that reminds you of how the Highest Good has aligned in your life in the past. This memory should cause you to feel that “Good” in the pit of your stomach to the crown of your head. This could be a memory, picture, trinket, pet, person etc. If you can’t find a picture or trinket to connect with the experience, then write it out on a piece of paper, fold it in half so the words are hidden, and write your name on the outside. Every day before you go to bed, pick up the paper or object and hold it to the middle of your chest, close your eyes and take five minutes to go back to that wonderful place in your mind and in your heart. Replay the event in your head.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How did you body feel during that event?
  • Did your cheeks hurt from smiling?
  • Were you giddy and light-headed or did you feel warm and fuzzy?

Allow yourself to feel that way again. When you are finished recite the following affirmation: "I acknowledge and accept that I am abundantly loved, protected and gifted at all times. Dear (insert the name of your highest good or just say Highest Good) Thank You for this gift and all gifts I am receiving."

Now choose one thing that you would really like to have that would be in the best interest of others. It can be something that you really want but also something that will help others. Start off with something small and reasonable. This is just a warm up; we will get to “aligning with the big stuff” soon. It’s important we start small so we gain momentum quickly.

Focus on the event, situation, person or thing; hold it in your heart and imagine you are receiving it or it is happening and taking place. Imagine how you feel, how you react, and the small changes that occur as a result of receiving it.

Ask yourself the same questions:

  • How does your body feel?
  • Do your cheeks hurt from smiling?
  • Are you giddy and light-headed or do you feel warm and fuzzy.

When you are finished, repeat the Law Of Abundance affirmation: "I acknowledge and accept that I am abundantly loved, protected and gifted at all times. Dear (insert the name of your highest good or just say Highest Good) Thank You for this gift of ____________ (insert your desired gift) and all gifts I am receiving".

Repeat this exercise for five evenings in a row and you will be amazed how small gifts begin to unexpectedly appear in your life. You will receive this gift or something better in the relatively near future. It may take longer than five days; however, usually the longer it takes, the more improved and better the gift appears. Think of it as a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain. It starts out small, but by the time it gets to the bottom it’s an avalanche! So if your gift takes awhile, brace yourself. You’re in store for an avalanche of abundance!

Here are some ways you will know your alignment with the Law Of Abundance has begun.

These are just examples. Remember if you keep practicing this every day, the abundance increases exponentially.

  • An old friend gets in touch with you out of the blue just to see how you are.
  • You receive an unexpected sum of money.
  • A lingering health issue improves suddenly.
  • You have more energy to get through the day, the workout, or other activities. You can skip the afternoon coffee and cookie.
  • Colors seem more vivid and beautiful.
  • You receive an expensive gift or donation, such as money, furniture, clothes or jewelry.
  • Your meal or drinks are unexpectedly comp’d for no reason than, ‘just because’.
  • A service or favor of great value is done on your behalf and nothing is asked of you in return.
  • You get a promotion or new job opportunity.
  • You finally make a strong connection with a romantic partner.
  • You and your romantic partner turn a corner in the relationship, avoiding breakup.

Everyone experiences these types of pleasant surprises from time to time; however, as you practice alignment with the Law Of Abundance you will discover they begin to happen faster and more often. Eventually it will feel that much of life is a magical string of experiences one after the other. Sound un-BELIEVE-able? Well that’s why; when we limit our belief in the Highest Good, we limit our ability to experience the Highest Good. When we refuse to believe, we rob ourselves of the abundance that is our destiny.

The Law Of Abundance Alignment Gift 3: ACT

Once you’ve experienced the awesome power of Belief and Commitment, you are ready to extend your spiritual growth and super-charge your alignment with the Law Of Abundance. Find a spiritual mentor to teach how to do the following;

  • Receive messages and direction from your Highest Good.
  • Meditation and other exercises for self-healing and spirit-body balancing.

I do this and I do it well! So check out my website for packages for offerings. Decide how much time you have. Take a look at your life, where you are, and where you want to be:

Have you spent the past ten years telling yourself things are going to get better? Do you sound like a broken record? Activate the WOW Factor. You will receive the highest form of Abundance.

You will find higher alignment with the Law Of Abundance when you are fully serving your life’s purpose. The nonsense will literally melt away and you will have to pinch yourself.

  • How many times have you thought you figured it all out only to repeat the same mistakes?
  • How much more money, time and heartache do you want to spend on those same mistakes? 

Invest in yourself. Dedicate an allotted amount of time and money to finding your life’s purpose or healing the blocks that are keeping you from it. You don’t have to break the bank, but you do have to take action.

Give Back. Find a way to do something for another person in need and put it in your schedule. When you make room in your for abundance, abundance floods your life!

Make a Commitment. Commit to taking your life to the next level. Decide to let go of the fear and allow your life completely to transform. Commit to a class, working with a mentor and making a change. When you commit to the Law Of Abundance, abundance commits to you!

Abundance Alchemist - Elizabeth Knudson

Elizabeth Knudson

Elizabeth Knudson is an author, intuitive, empath, Reiki Master, abundance alchemist, and vocal sound healer. She studied classical music and practiced as professional vocalist in major opera houses across the USA as well as teaching private voice lessons for over 15 years.  

When Elizabeth began to receive messages from Spirit she channeled them into her healing work and her music. 

As an intuitive, empath and clairvoyant she is able to see energy and direct healing at specific locations in the energy body for healing. As a vocalist and healer she channels sounds, words and vocal effects to heal the energy body of her clients.  Using her ability to give intuitive readings and healings she helps her clients clear major blocks and make massive career breakthroughs, heal relationships,  heal chronic pain and heal chronic anxiety and depression.

Book: Awaken To The Light Within You  Product from Amazon, publisher may get a commission > >

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