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Dream Demon Follows Me

by Summer 14

I have multiple reoccurring dreams.

1) I’m walking through this house, and I come to my mom and were standing in front of a mirror and she turns to me and says "I love you so much, summer, everything’s going to be okay" then we both turn to the mirror, and I look at her in the mirror and she’s not my mom, she is this grotesque demonic decayed thing. It’s all grey and gaunt and mostly bald with long wisps of white hair, with deep black eyes and a cleft lip showing black rotted teeth, and it starts screeching and tearing off its own skin and ripping out its hair. Then I hear this deep voice coming from nowhere saying "this is the demon that follows you".

2) I’ll be sitting with a member of my family or friend then all of a sudden the electricity will go off then I’ll scream and look over and whoever was there just disappeared. Then I look over and there’s this girl. She’s around 13, white dress, long black hair and she just stares at me. And she'll paralyse me in fear just so she can stare at me like she wants to be me or she’s trying to kill me but in the very last dream I had of her she took a picture of me then disappeared and I never dreamt of her again... I hope I don’t...

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