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You can use my free dream meaning interpretation tool, that analyzes your dreams instantly, if you are searching for the inner wisdom of last night’s precognitive dream. 

Are you puzzled by a strong dream? One that obviously contains an important message or two, yet you are unable to decipher its meaning? Then I’d invite you to describe your dream (in the wizard below), with as much detail as possible, so as to unlock some advice and insights.

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Are you learning how to interpret dreams? If you want a great environment to practice and learn I invite you to make some submissions of your own dreams and then compare your own interpretations with what pops up in my dream meaning wizard.

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Your Dream Meaning FAQs Answered Here

What are the most common dreams interpretations requested?

  • The most common dream interpretations requested include the experiences of flying, falling, being chased, being lost, being exposed, taking exams, loosing teeth, having sex, and dying.

Do dreams have symbolic meaning?

  • Carl Jung claimed that dreams were our deeper selves talking to our conscious selves. I believe some of our dreams contain symbolic meaning. Having been a professional clairvoyant for many years I have long known the significance of the psychic messages found in nighttime dreaming.

Can dreams predict the future?

  • According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, our dreams only reveal our repressed conflicts and wishes. But that does not explain my recent dream in which my Prius'C car was just serviced. In the dream I was being shown a little item that had been overlooked. It was a small magnetic device that connected the power to the car. I was dream-shown where a small nut and bolt that should secure this device was missing. And told that this could result in the power failing at any moment. I woke rather perplexed at this dream. My hybrid car was last serviced four months ago, so I racked my brain looking for a metaphysical and symbolic dream meaning. - Three days later I had to call roadside assistance. The car would not start. I needed a new starter battery. Sometimes a precognitive dream is just a precognitive dream!

To ask questions, add answers, or comments about dreams and their meanings please use my contact form. Please start the conversation with the heading [About My Dream Meaning].

Or if you're inspired to write an article on this subject please submit a guest post here.

If you would like further reading about dream meanings and interpretations, you could try these wiki pages.

  • Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unraveled by people with certain powers.  Wikipedia: Dream interpretation

  • A dream dictionary is a tool made for interpreting images in a dream. Dream dictionaries tend to include specific images which are attached to specific interpretations. However, dream dictionaries are generally not considered scientifically viable by those within the psychology community. Wikipedia: Dream dictionary

  • Dream sharing is the process of documenting or discussing both night and day dreams with others. One of the primary purposes of sharing dreams is dream interpretation. Wikipedia: Dream sharing

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