Dream of Uncles Demise

by Anonymous

I had this weird dream with our soldiers in a foreign land fighting and whatnot. I don't really watch the news or anything like that, this was just really random. The next day I heard my mom talking on the phone downstairs and I couldn't make out what she was saying. But I immediately thought that my uncle died in service abroad, I didn't know what to make of it. I haven't even thought of my uncle at all since, I last saw him when I was about six I guess. I didn't even know exactly where he was overseas, what he was doing there, what rank he had or anything like that. It turned out that he and two other guys were burnt alive there.

That was last summer, when I just turned 13.

Since March things have been eventful. Such as a door opening a couple of inches (I didn’t actually see it open but I wanted it to open, then I looked back and it was) when I wanted to get out of a classroom because I couldn’t concentrate on a test. My mom got 5 lottery tickets (for family and whatnot) - I was drawn most to the one with the most money, and I was drawn the second most to the one with the second most amount of money, while I wasn’t drawn at all to the other three that didn't have anything.

I was really drawn to this necklace I saw at this beach shop (it was very pretty) my step grandmother (she’s about 83-85?) told me that her aunt used to make necklaces like that in her day and she'd also hand make these with just this one type of beads on it (my favorite part of it).

I had this bizarre experience after I prayed to the five elements of fire, water, air, earth, and spirit. It’s hard to describe so ill leave that out (don’t really know if that is relevant or not) I went to a gathering for lunch where there were mostly older people. There was this creepy lady, I sensed her looking at me, and then I just looked back at her confused but in the eyes for a couple of seconds. Then a couple minutes later I felt very weak, like all the strength and energy radiating from my body was gone (I’m feeling better now though). It was really bizarre I must I add. Oh yeah, I’ve also been feeling stronger, especially my hands (I am also aware that sounds odd) ...but I wonder if that’s just common, like part of Reiki Healing or something? So yeah to summarize, I've lost my mind...

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Nov 28, 2014
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by: Ian

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