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Dream Tripping

by Jared
(Oklahoma )

Me and a best friend ingested some crystals. We started "dream tripping" which consisted of it being night the entire dream and also the crystals made dead spirits rise up from the ground and fling their bodies at the house we were staying in at high velocity.

It was pretty exciting. Also it was a dream within dream. So I wake up from this crystal dream into the base dream. Me and my best friend wake up in my grandmas previous house. A shadow entity appears and wraps it's essence around me, and talks to me in Latin(ish) language.

I wussied out and woke up, as I got scared. I wish I didn't wake up though.

So what does it mean?

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Sep 23, 2014
Hope it was a dream and not drugs
by: Starr

If you were in a dream state you are open to what can not normally be seen or heard. It sounds like the spirits were drawn to you as if you were a flame that draws in moths.

It is quite common for this kind of dream like state.

The house of your Grandmother is your safe place and the wrapping spirit may have been an angel who recites a prayer to protect and word of spirits.

You are not experienced enough to be able to control them yet. If you are unsure of how to control them. Before you close your eyes to sleep, ask the angels to protect you and show you how to control them. It doesn't have to be a prayer, just speak very matter a fact. It should help.

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