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Dream Vision Through Others Eyes

by Jayme (Sk8ergrl)
(England, UK)

What do you think to this dream/vision where I was looking through someone else's eyes:

She was in a school swimming pool doing a scuba lesson. She was last to get out due to problems with her air tank. She was getting changed and her other friends left her alone.

She left the changing room and the diving instructor was waiting for her, he pushed her to the wall and raped her.

I felt her pain, how scared she was etc. The instructor was getting some kind of drugs to keep her quiet but she managed to escape him and ran outside where other students were in classes and she screamed HELP I'VE BEEN RAPED.

Everyone heard her and began running to her aid.

I had no control just saw through her eyes. I woke up and felt pain in my back from where he pushed her to the wall.

Just to recap I'm psychic and an empath.

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