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Finding Dream Interpretations

of a Suicide Dream

More Free Dream Interpretations: With this dream sent in by Leanne of Everett USA (Name changed for anonymity).

"My dream involved my son who is 27, my daughter who is 22 and my ex husband and myself.

It starts out with my ex, my daughter and me standing by this old building with a group of other people. A person is going to jump but I don't look. Next thing I know someone said she jumped and she lands not that far from where we are standing. Some how I know that my son knows this girl who just committed suicide.

I leave my daughter and ex to go to my sons apartment to let him know that his friend has killed herself. When I get there I start to tell my son and I say the name of his best friend who is a guy and then I said no it wasn't him I forget the name of the girl who killed herself and have to call my ex and daughter on their cell phones.

I realize I have their cell phones in my purse. So, I leave my son briefly to go find my ex and daughter to find out the girls name. They are now sitting in a car. My ex whispers the name of the girl to me. After being told, I return to my son’s apartment.

He is in the bathroom in the tub completely clothed in water. I climbed in and hugged him told him the name of the girl and asked if he knew her. He said yes and began to cry. I hugged him and tried to comfort him. The next thing we are in his living room looking at pictures of the girl. I knew the first and last name of the girl in the dream but for some reason I'd prefer not to say now. Your thoughts are appreciated."

Celeste Minerva is providing the dream interpretation from this suicide dream.

Hello Leanne, the main dream symbol of this dream is, and you will agree, the figure leaping from the building and resulting suicide - which you did not want to look at.

Dream interpretations from visions of suicide in a dream do not necessarily mean the demise of the person in the dream. It is however a symbol of self-destruction and despair. Notice that you don’t look. Self restriction can cause extreme urges. Choosing to end things that need to be ended on an inner level are the keys to symbols of this dream and their meaning.

Other symbols in the dream are the phones, which are a symbol of relating to others (you find you have their phones), so it may be that you feel you are not listened to by your ex and possibly your daughter as well.

You forget the name, forgetfulness is to do with insight and your advice here is to reflect on your own situation, looking for a pattern that shows you the whole. The symbol of your son in the dream is to do with a sense of learning, maybe yours, maybe his. He is 27, about to reach the full cycle of Saturn in his life. Saturn is to do with settling down, learning, wisdom and dealing with difficulties.

If applied to yourself, these dream interpretations suggest, you need to be inspired. You are very compassionate toward your son. Caring for and nurturing others in a dream can mean that one of your tasks is to both give and receive in equal proportion. To do one and not the other creates imbalance and need.

There are symbols of letting go in your dream and their meaning suggests release and cleansing. You are in the bathroom, and bathroom dream interpretations often symbolize letting go, as it is a place to cleanse and refresh (emotions, ideas, old hurts old habits). It is also a symbol of privacy, especially as your son has his clothes on in the tub. There are maybe things you do not know about his life that he does not want you to know. Water is the universal symbol of spiritual refreshment.

The dream interpretations from the suicide of your son’s friend in your dream and their meaning can also be a telepathic warning of an ending, but consider the possibility of an aspect of yourself which the person, letting go, could represent.

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